HP ENVY 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop



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HP ENVY 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop
$689.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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i7 is nice


I’m envious!


No Blu-Ray so I’ll pass.


Tell the truth. You weren’t going to buy it even if it had Blu-ray, were you?


Though this HP has good specs for the price, be warned: HP laptops and Intel i7 processors have a history of not getting along. The cheap price comes at the cost of cheap components, and cheap components come at the cost of being unreliable. If you are OK with upgrading your laptop every 2 years, or are willing to risk it, this laptop is a good deal. Otherwise, I would suggest avoiding it.


I couldn’t care much that it didn’t have bluray, but the lack of a standalone Nvidia card ruins it for me :frowning:


I’ve got one of these.
Worst. Laptop. Ever.

It has been nothing but problems for me since I got it. Overheating issues, the sound stutters while playing, random lockups, etc. etc. Overall one of the worst purchases I have ever made.


How can you sell this without blu-ray? Come on, at least $250 over priced… It’s a cheap product that’s been refurbished … Can we say money pit?


damn. Pack these specs into a laptop, then no dedicated graphics? Way over priced.


Lets get to what really matters. Can I run Solitaire and Netflix at the same time while browsing facebook?


12GB RAM for $700?
Now it has “quad-core”, but the software is written like such dog meat that it doesn’t run a bit faster than a single core with 1GB used to!

Why are we paying a premium to compensate for abysmal software from lazy programmers?


It’s a good price, specially if you live in a state where you won’t have to pay taxes. I don’t think you can find a better deal right now.

I’d buy it if I had the money :frowning: since I just dropped my current laptop and the audio and ethernet port are ruined :frowning:


So I can have 100+ firefox windows open at once. duh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m guessing when you say “one of these” you might actually mean “something vaguely called ‘DV7’ at some point,” and probably with at least two-generations-older processor; perhaps even AMD, and a totally different design. If so, that’s like saying a 2013 Camry hybrid I’ve never driven is rubbish because I didn’t like a 1992 Camry 4-cylinder I got cheap from Vinny’s Discount Auto Emporium.
Then again if you do actually happen to have a 7243CL, it’s valid feedback, but then I’d like to know why you didn’t just get them to fix it if it had problems.


Check out fellow wooter comments for this back when it was offered during the woot-off back in December



Who the hell doesn’t like '92 Camrys? Those are like the best cars ever made…


In the theoretical example “I didn’t like it,” maybe it was a defective one, or maybe there was a reason Vinny was trying to get rid of it cheap (look close for red stains on the floor or bondo’d bullet holes).


Pros:4-core i7,1080p resolution,12 GB of RAM (little overkill), 1 TB HDD, Bluetooth

Cons:No Turboboost,No dedicated video card, No Blu-ray

I actually went to the HP website, and picked the closest ENVY model laptop I could customize with. Input the specs, and it came out to roughly $1185. Knock off 20% for “refurbished” and you get roughly $950. Woot is undercutting the estimated price by $260. (and I’m not including shipping) So…I would say you’re getting a deal regardless. And for you gamers out there, You can play Dead Space 3 on low settings and achieve 60 FPS. (33 FPS on med settings)