HP ENVY 17" Intel i7, 940MX, FHD Touch Laptop

Oh man. So close to a buy. If they only had a 256GB SSD instead of the 1TB drive…

Remember that this I7 is i7-7500U. The “U” means ultra-low power. Lower power means lower performance but better battery life. Although the passmark is decent at 5236, it’s not like the “HQ” chips, for instance the i7-7700HQ passmark is 8960 or about 70% faster. So even though this is an I7 laptop, it’s really not a “power” laptop. If you’re looking for something that has good battery life and decent performance, this laptop is a good choice, if you’re looking for a powerful laptop and battery-life can take a back seat to performance then look for an “HQ” processor.

You can snag a good 256GB SDD for about $80 if you keep your eyes peeled. Grab a tool-free USB3 case to from the 1TB drive into and close it to the SDD. Now you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Whew! All that power but only a 10/100 Ethernet Port?!?

Checked the HP specs – it is indeed at GigE Port.

Now, if only it had 10GigE…

Very true, this is not a gaming laptop. On the other hand, you are comparing a dual-core (the 7500U) to a quad-core (the 7700HQ). Almost looks like the quad is a bit of an under achiever even though it is gulping down 3x the power of the dual (15w typ vs 45w typ).

You are correct to point out that just because it says “i7” doesn’t mean it is going to be ultra fast, but it is still a heck of a machine for the price for someone looking for a desktop replacement (though not a gaming system replacement).

Power and performance have never been a linear relationship it’s more of a geometric relationship. Also consider that the 7700HQ has a slightly better on-chip graphics processor than the 7500u running at a higher clock- this also contributes to why the typical TDP is considerably higher. Even considering that, a typical TDP of 45 watts is still pretty impressive for a passmark of almost 9000. This is a 17" large laptop, most people buying this form factor usually will generally favor power over portability. If you intend on this being stationary most of the time, and if video rendering, 3D animation, virtual OSs, or other high demand applications are what you intend on using this for- maybe you want something with more power. Overall it’s not a bad deal, just not a great deal either. This I7 is average performance, the 940mx is mediocre at best and it doesn’t have an SSD already installed (adding additional cost).

Confirmed that
10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN
is correct

This thing has an additional drive bay, so you can easily add it. I have one almost exactly like this, and have pulled the DVD player out as well. I have a 500GB SSD as C:, and a 1 & 2TB drive spanned into a 3TB D: drive. It’s a great laptop.

Note: I had to buy a 2nd bracket for the extra drive, and a 3rd bracket for the DVD replacement.

True, it’s not. But it’s still not a bad gamer. I play No Man’s Sky, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 on a machine with this CPU and a GeForce 940MX display adapter. It’s not l33t, but it plays pretty well. If you aren’t a 100% gamer, it’ll likely be acceptable.