HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop

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HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop
Price: $649.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Perfect reviews over at costco.com

I bought the similar M7-J120DX from Woot in November. While I’m happy with many aspects of the machine, the keyboard – which appears to be the same on this model – leaves a lot to be desired.

Does anyone know if this has a 2nd Hard disc drive bay?

My female companion picked up one of these (or a very similar HP) from Woot about a year ago. While it is a decent machine the build quality leaves much to be desired. The bottom of the case is separating from the top on the top left, which is interfering with the hinge on that side. It has been well cared for (light use, never dropped, no kids/dogs) so there is no reason this should be happening. Also, I hate the track pad but that is a personal gripe.

It appears that all the Envy 17" models have a second drive bay.

I can’t find the support page (though I have before) but this page shows the process.

More edits: (PDF DOWNLOAD WARNING) This is the service(?) manual that shows the dual drive bays and mentions the original SSD dual drive options they shipped with.

So this is definitely up for the SSD upgrade.

ENVY 17-J173CL Product Support

ENVY 17-J173CL Maintenance and Service Guide

I would never buy another HP computer. I have bought 2 over the years. I had major problems with both. Lesson learned.

The tops fell off several keys on the last HP I owned. The replacement keyboard is too expensive to replace it.

I’ve yet to understand this whole ‘touch screen laptop’ thing

I am still using my reconditioned HP 17" laptop purchased from Costco over 7 years ago. Just now (last week) the video card started to flouresce the screen. It appears that the card is dying.
I have a dual HDD setup (Raid) and it has performed flawlessly. The machine itself, physically, has been flawless. I heartily recommend considering this model. If this one was not a touch screen I would get it myself. The price is good, and the machine is well configured. Instead, I have one picked out at Costco through HP customization build that I am ordering today. It will have a hybrid drive and no touch screen.

Are you sure? After all, you did buy two of what you now say you would never buy again. haha I hate when that happens.

Agreed, and if you want a touch screen get a tablet. If you want a PC get a regular screen.

Speaking of HP computer my desk PC is also a custom built HP with a Raid array, 2 optical disc drives, video card, sound card, etc… Nicely equipped in other words. it is now 8 years old and performing perfectly. I just wanted to add a voice of support to HP products based on my experiences

I have what I think is the same laptop. I can’t find the model number for this one here. I have model # M7-K211dx. 17.3" screen. I purchased mine at Best Buy new for about 300.00 more than this refurbish 6 wks. ago. I just watched a 3 hr. movie on it yesterday and the battery life is great. Still had hours of power left on the battery. I personally love the aluminum square slightly recessed keyboard keys. Softouch. The screen resolution if perfection, almost, but not quite as good as my iMac desktop. The disk drive works well, but feels flimsy compared to the rest of the computer which seems well made. I personally love the touch screen, and have download some apps like Facebook, Mail, Desktop, Pictures, etc and it’s nice to touch the screen and be on the site immediately. You don’t have to touch the screen. The option is there. It is faster than moving my mouse pointer and clicking. I also use a wireless mouse. I don’t know much about Win. 8.1, but I’m learning, and can toggle between the Start screen and Internet Explorer pretty well. Files set up is a bit different, but I’ve managed to upload many of my programs, and photos. If I didn’t already have this “new”, I would buy the refurbished here. I did call HP customer service once to ask a question, and they were responsive and very helpful. I have a one yr. warranty with the new laptop, and an extended warranty for HP. Previously I owned a small 10 yr. old Dell that quit working. I love this HP, and I don’t understand all the negative remarks. I hope they are wrong, because I really like the laptop. The Beats Audio is OK, but I use a small wireless speaker that is much better sound for watching movies. Beats is way overrated. The Costco video posted here seems to be of a different HP laptop. I notice there is no disc drive in the Costco video for that model HP. I really wanted a disc drive, and mine does have one.

Thank You for this awesome post! Truly it took me a bit to get in to reply, but worth telling you that this is a great example of a helpful post. Thanks!

Thanks for your positive comment. HP got a bad rap for awhile, but I think they have greatly improved their products in the last year of so. I’m very happy with my new HP Envy. Model #M7-K211dx. Longevity is uncertain of course, but I would buy another one just based on quality and HP service I have briefly encountered once. I also registered the laptop over the phone, and it was very good customer rep.

I bought similar config HP TouchSmart m7-j010dx on 1Sale. It has 4700MQ which is similar to 4710HQ. 12GB RAM is Great. However this ENVY series laptops has Hinge issue which I also faced. The bottom case will start pop out when open or close the lid. I got it fixed by HP. Apart from this I haven’t faced any other issue (Yeah, the Screen is so Glossy).
So If you are Okay to argue with HP in Future then this Laptop is GREAT!