HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop

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HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop
Price: $649.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to learn all about the processor

Bought one off woot. Has defective hinge. Google HP envy hinge if you doubt it. Stay away.

I have an hp envy i7 and it gets HOT! HOT! HOT! I under clock it a bit to keep it cool. I hate the mouse pad but other then that its good.

I bought one of these a month or so ago and after upgrading to an SSD I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for that input, I was just going to ask if the hard drive was user-accessible. Upgrade that spinning rust 5400 RPM drive to a solid state drive and you’d have one fine machine.

I bought a slightly used (2 weeks) one off ebay a few weeks ago. No issues yet. I don’t like the refurb 90 day warranty of this one. Otherwise pretty decent bang for buck.

Read the fine print. It only has a 90 day warranty. I bought one last year and the motherboard died after 6 months.

Did you see if you could get an HP warranty? 5 years ago I purchased a refurb HP laptop and as long as I purchased within the refurb warranty I was able to purchase full warranty.

ENVY 17-J173CL Product Support

ENVY 17-J173CL Maintenance and Service Guide

Yes, and it has a second hard drive bay so you can move the 1TB drive to the second bay and use it as storage.

I bought one of these last time around, it was DOA. Returned to woot! for a refund.

I’m trying to find in the specs where it says it has 2 drive bays. If I can find that, I’m in.

I’ve got an i7 17" Dv7 with pretty much the same case and it has a second bay. You have to get the cable off ebay though.