HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop

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HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop
Price: $699.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 21 to Monday, Oct 26) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Oh, very tempted to buy it to upgrade my wife’s laptop. Any feedbacks from users?

Trying to decide between this and the Acer E5: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Acer-Laptop-Core-i5-5200U-2-2GHz-1TB-HDD-8GB-RAM-NVIDIA-940M-1080P-15-6-WIN-10/291583133226?rmvSB=true

Nice computer for the money just remember you have to use the bottom of the touchpad for you left and right click buttons; it is all one piece.

Just because it’s an I7 core does not mean it’s a quad core this is a dual core processor.

Thanks for your input. I was just going to buy this until I read your comment.

You could use a wireless mouse. My bigger concern is the 90 day warranty. This computer with added warranty would cost $850 dollars.

Is this the same deal as of Sep 19 that was for $100 more and no one figured out if it was 15.6 screen size despite the mentioned 17.3 on description?

Either way, to me this very much Over-priced, Under-featured compare with the more recent dual mode (Tablet / Laptop) same or better processor and 12GB ram, that was offered at $599.

The only thing I like about this deal is the video card but then over all, for me this is a big “Pass”. With BF at the corner, and then a lot of better deals with native Win 10 software (Not 7-8 months limited upgrade), at cheaper price, I would hold for now.

Must admit this newer Woot is nothing similar to the original one we used to buy from, few years back… Clutter of barely even warm deals with only few hidden good ones, if you can make it out in time, before going OOS :frowning:

CPU Benchmarks

Last 2 “Factory Reconditioned” HP laptops I bought from Woot! have crapped out pronto. Overheating on startup with one, and dead Mobo within a month on second. HP has lost a customer.

specs say dual core

Buying a dual core i7 wouldn’t bother me. Some dual cores are faster. Being a HP that’s more troublesome.

Woot sold out to Amazon.com. You can find the NEW pages at meh.com

I remember back when Woot had only one item per day. Honestly, I liked it better. I also think the deals were better back then…
There’s so many categories in Woot now it’s ridiculous.

I actually had this laptop and found it to be the biggest piece of crap imaginable…like most of HP products. Jus Sayn

OK, but that would be a lot more useful with the reasons.

Anyone have thoughts/experience about Win10? I use Win8.1 at work and would gladly go back to a PDP-8 with a VT52 monitor (ok, let’s see who remembers them)))) I’d upgrade to Win10 if I had more confidence in it.

Seriously, the OS is the biggest hangup for me. If they would even drop it back to Win7, I’d be happy. I won’t buy a Win8 machine - the user interface is the worst I’ve ever used.

I’m not a computer guy. I liked windows 7. Never worked with windows 8 and could never figure it out when playing with computers in stores. Upgraded to windows 10 about a month ago and it went great. 10 is so much like 7 that even I can operate it without a problem.

Good information, thank you as I hate going through specs. I do like that it has a dedicated video card. I prefer them and I’m not a gamer. I never purchase integrated video card computers. (This has: Graphics with 2048MB of dedicated video memory with up 4096MB to total graphics memory)

If I’m going to spend $700 on Factory reconditioned I might as well at least double it up and pre order the MAC book PRO I’ve wanted. I don’t game, I want to get into graphics and photography more and want a laptop that will last.

Appreciate your comments. I’m not clicking the add to cart at this price. Tiring of not brand new items, HP isn’t the same it was years back.

Good luck to the poster who asked about the computer and thank you to wphughes.

IIRC, the 940M was the hardware responsible for MacBook Pro overheating and an extended service note from Apple. I’ll pass.