HP ENVY 17" Intel i7, 940MX, UHD Touch Laptop

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DDR3 in the header, ddr4 in specifications. Which is correct? Reconditioned would mean no signs of wear?

dual core, no thanks. even i5 come with quad core now.

Don’t get your desktop and mobile processors mixed up.

I have this exact computer (except mine is 1920 x 1080) the high res. screen is a $250 upgrade if I remember correctly. I bought mine new on sale for $890 direct from the HP. It is Model Y7C72AV. It comes with DDR4.

I had to delete Office 360 and McAfee due to conflicts, but once I did it works pretty well. It does lose the audio drivers every now and then.

Mine came banged up, dents in the chrome bar on back of screen, and the cover over the speakers came bowed. I like the computer, but it does appear to have a low build quality.

It runs a little hot, so I bought this:

You bought a new computer and it arrived all banged up?

Not “all”, but yes; dents in the chrome bar on back of screen, and the cover over the speakers came bowed. The shipping box appeared undamaged. And yes, I bought it new. It took a month to ship, it was shipped direct from China.

Whoops! Sorry for the typo. We’ve corrected it.

Intel has quad core laptop I7 processors.


I bought an HP laptop on Woot for $729 three years ago and it had a 17" screen and a quad core processor. (Obviously, mine was not 4K and there are a handful of ways that the current offering is better than mine. Mine does have a faster processor, though.)


Its not obvious what model will be in the box. HP ENVY 17T-U100 is a fhd (1080p) model according to specs I found on amazon.

I once ordered a laptop from woot and got a totally different model than what i paued for. They compensated me $100 but this time i’d really like to know what model i will be buying.

One and the only review of HP ENVY 17T-U100 I was able to find in internet says the screen is realy dim and not so good. Can someone confirm?

Quad core lap tops tend to run much hotter. A dual core will use about 15 watts to 45 watts for a quad core. This lessens the battery life by 40% to 50%