HP Envy 27" 4K Monitor - Black/Onyx

HP Envy 27" 4K Monitor - Black/Onyx


despite the conflicting product info from the manufacturer, I can confirm that they do indeed have a USB-C port
source: I just received mine


Doesn’t have USB-C like the model listed here:

This was my mistake bc the inputs are listed in the description, but I’m pretty bummed about it (no charging or daisy chaining) , but at end of the day, this was much cheaper than buying two of the above model. (which i think is referred to as the HP Envy 27S (?)

This model seems to be similar to this, which was available in the Indian market:
(note, the below product’s description lists USB-C but it is clearly not present in the product images)

okay, I’m actually confused, I see that USB-C is listed in the “Features” but not in the “Specs”

Here are the two products from HPs site:

With USB-C:

Without USB-C: