HP ENVY 34" Curved Intel i5, 1T SATA AIO Desktop


Unfortunately, these do not have touchscreens.

Edit: So, no touch, but these do have Realsense 3D cameras built in, so you do get some level of interactivity without having to touch the screen. Think more Minority Report and less giant tablet.


I purchased one of these via Best Buy as a replacement for my office computer. Unless you’re getting the SSD then I humbly believe you’re not getting your money’s worth. It’s a 5400RPM HDD and it’s not fast. Here’s the kicker, to replace the hard drive you have to remove the screen.

Long story short - it ran much faster after that but the cracked screen ruined the experience. HP took three months to finally give me gift cards as a replacement. They were still waiting on “parts” to repair. Looks like they’ve been able to refurb plenty of them in that time.

PROS: Beautiful screen and appearance.
CONS: Slow proc and HDD for the original model.