HP ENVY 34" Curved Intel i7, 1T SATA AIO Desktop

I wonder if I can upgrade this one to a better i7 6700K 4ghz and to some 32gb rams with pcie ssd! Anyone please let me know about it.

I ordered this like 2 days ago and it already came in. Quite the impressive little AIO for the price.

As for your questions, I haven’t looked into processor upgrades, but I seriously doubt this allows for proc upgrades or any additional PCIE upgrades given the form factor (it does already have a 128 gig SSD in it. That might be mSata though. Not sure, but I’d bet so again given the form factor.)

As for the RAM, it’s upgradeable to 16 gig but that’s a limitation of Win 10 Home Premium (For more than 16 gigs you need to go up to Win 10 Pro).

I’m assuming if you put Win 10 pro on this you can get up to 32 gigs.

But to be honest, this is an All In One unit and that usually contains form factor compromises. You seem to want some pretty serious horsepower upgrades and will probably better be served with at traditional desktop for that.

If you’re going to buy then definitely purchase one with the SSD in it. The hard drive that the HP.com website sells is a 5400rpm slug.

To upgrade the unit, you have to pull the screen off and it doesn’t have the bracing necessary to make you feel comfortable. Trust me… breaking one wasn’t an enjoyable experience. (Give HP some respect though… they provided me with GC’s to replace the computer after it took 4 months with no repair in sight).

If you’re looking for some more power and want to stick with HP then check out the ENVY Phoenix VR and a 32, 34, or 36" screen from their website. It’s not as dynamic as this AOI but it’ll kill it on gaming.

Any chance this will be for sale again? I noticed this AIO was brought back twice. By the time i was ready to pull the trigger, it was too late. Sorry I snoozed twice hemming and hawing about spending the money on a PC.

It’s possible. Keep an eye out!

Thank you! I will keep an eye out for it to come back.