HP ENVY 4516 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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Could anyone tell me if this comes in a plain box or the product box with a label slapped on it? Thanks.

It will ship in it’s retail box, no outer box.

Can anyone confirm if this printer is eligible for the HP Instant Ink program?

Yup! It is fully eligible.

Cnet: 8.00 overall. 4 stars.

Anyone have hands on exp and can vouch? Nothing too fancy needed. Lots of office postage, some small signage, and typical household docs are all it’ll be used for.


I got the 4500 on a Woot deal a few months ago and it’s been nothing but problems from start to finish.

Could you elaborate?

$199 retail LOL youre joking right? Brand new 4520 from the A for $77 prime. I’ll give it a shot, Im in for 1.

$56 at walmart.com free shopping

Not seeing it.

The 4520 is $91.99 at the Wall, I’m not seeing your $56

Its been working GREAT and I love the Hp Instant Ink program