HP ENVY 5660 AOI Printer w/ Extra Ink

4.3 Stars over at Amazon

I am in the market for a new printer, I have a cannon all-in-one right now that I got as a gift.After printing about 4-5 pages of color over the course of half a year it is almost out of ink because it spends about 5+ minutes cleaning the heads every time I turn it on. It will clean heads periodically if I leave it on as well. I am not buying ink for this ink guzzler again (It’s a cannon pixma MX series but I don’t know the model # offhand).

Even though this is the more expensive printer it comes with $30 or so of ink, so that’s nice. Amazon reviews posted above are positive as well. I will probably pull the trigger.

Sorry about your ink guzzler. I’m in the market for a new printer as well but I just need to know if this ships in the printer box or a plain box? Can’t trust my neighbors sadly

I just bought this last month and have been extremely impressed. First printer in years where I don’t curse every time I use it. Print quality is great, prints fast, and ink doesn’t run out every 5 min like my last one. And this is a great price.