HP ENVY 700 Quad-Core Desktops

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HP ENVY 700 Quad-Core Desktops
Price: $449.99 - 649.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Aug 13 to Monday, Aug 18) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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7/20/2014 - $479.99 - 649.9 - 12 comment(s)

HP ENVY 700-210
Product Support Page
Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide

HP ENVY 700-229c
Product Support Page
Upgrading and Servicing Guide

Solid reviews on the AMD processor and great reviews on the Intel processor over at newegg.com

Both PC’s are crap. You could build your own cheaper, and have more options.

The almost identically speced out HP ENVY 700-216 Desktop, on moofi.woot.com looks a little more attractive for just 30 bucks more than the 700-210.
Has 12Gig of RAM, 2 TB HDD and Wireless Keyboard and mouse…otherwise specs looks the same.
Me personally, I’d probably spring the extra 30 bucks

How do you figure??? I’d love to know! I was just punching through Newegg trying to upgrade an existing system. I have a cart going for $500 with a slower Intel Core i5, a fairly basic motherboard, 8gb of RAM and a copy of Windows 8.1. That doesn’t include the case, power supply, and hard drives I plan on re-using.

Seeing all the HP failures I’ve had to deal with at work, I’d tend to agree with half of your statement.

The other half is patently false. You can NOT build a machine with these specs for less. The days when home builds were cheaper than OEM computers are long gone. The ONLY way you can outbuild an OEM today is if you are building an all-out gaming rig.


I’m interested in buying one of these desktops. I feel that it’s too much of a risk in spending $650 and only get a skimpy 90 day warranty with it. So I clicked on Square Deal to get more info on an extended warranty. I found the warranty to be VERY expensive, but that’s not my question.

Woot qualifies this machine as a FACTORY RECONDITIONED UNIT AND THAT IT’S THE NEXT BEST THING TO BRAND NEW. According to Woot, there is a large difference between Factory Reconditioned and refurbished. My question is, why does Square Deal see this machine as REFURBISHED and will not budge from its one year extended coverage fee from a very high rate of 18%? It’s clear that Square Deal does not see any difference between FACTORY RECONDITIONED AND REFURBISHED.

As far as I’m aware, Factory Reconditioned means that either the manufacturer themselves or a certified partner performed the reconditioning.

Refurbished generally refers to a third party doing the refurbishing.

I knew and understand that part but I don’t understand why Square Deal doesn’t know it. Based on the prices I’ve seen here in the past, the price of a refurbished item is generally less expensive than a “factory reconditioned item”. Therefore, why does Square Deal not understand that distinction? And if they don’t understand, is it not Woot’s responsibility to make them understand…or find another company who will. The bottom line here is that it appears we are paying more for a factory reconditioned item than we would pay for a refurbished item. Are we getting anything more for the extra money or is this just an issue in semantics?

It also seems to me that the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse could be re-sold for $30 or more thus negating the price difference. I plan on reusing my existing wired peripherals.

Basically a semantics thing. Some people (myself included) prefer the manufacturer or a manufacturer certified party to do any ‘fixing’ when purchasing a non-new item. It really is the same thing, just a who dunnit situation and the possibility of extra peace of mind.

Last question…I promise. Isn’t Woot’s price of an item which has been “factory reconditioned” more expensive than an item which has been “refurbished?”

I think the price is based on what we pay for each ‘lot’ of an item that’s procured. I know there are other factors that are considered, too, but I don’t know that there’s any correlation between pricing and the refurbished/reconditioned condition.

Thank you!

You got it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!