HP ENVY 750 Intel i5, 1TB SATA Desktop

Note that this is a Skylake processor. In July of 2018 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 on all Skylake and later processors.

Here is a listing of all OEM computers with Skylake CPU’s that will be supported until the 2018 deadline.


If you buy this PC with the thought of downgrading to Windows 7 or 8.1 consider this before doing so.

So, what’s the casing actually made of?

Oh and here is some information on the processor.

Intel Ark:

Passmark score:

I’m assuming plastic & metal. I haven’t found anything on the Internets to say definitively.

I want to upgrade the video card in this, which essentially means add one. Does anyone know if the power supply has the two power cables to power the card I would be adding?

Does anyone know if the M.2 Slot is NVME (PCI), mSATA, just a PCI slot for WLAN or wireless card? Also, if it is NVME or mSATA compatible, can the PC be booted from it?


Which version of Windows 10 is this? Home or Pro?

According to this Spec PDF the the M.2 is occupied. It does not say what is in it but I expect it the WiFi card.

EDIT: This support entry specifies it as Key A which is not SATA so it will not support an M.2/NVMe SSD.

Buyer confirms Win10 Home.

Does that mean a SSD cannot be added on? Sorry noob here…

You can add an SSD, but you may need to unhook the DVD RW drive.

If those processors are currently supported on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 it doesn’t mean that they will all of the sudden stop working on that date. It just probably means they won’t get further driver and OS stability updates, and they only get major security fixes. Most people probably won’t even realize it. Generally people that want to eek out the most performance will be on the latest OS anyway. This is mostly a scare tactic to get people to move on to the next OS.

Personally I like windows 10, although I do have several computers running windows 7 mediacenter, because I use that functionality with my homerun HD cable tuner. People need to get over the whole “spying” thing- because the truth is that regardless of your OS, if someone wants to hack you- they will. There are so many things beyond the user’s control that can intercept data, that worrying about what OS you’re running is the least of your worries.

Remember: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t watching you.

I think there should be a free SATA port. When I look at the picture of the motherboard http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04812516 if you click on the + under motherboard to the right of “Odense”, I see 3 SATA ports. A dark blue, light blue and a white port, that should leave one open- I think you should have a free SATA port, in addition, there is room in the case to mount the drive

You cannot use a M.2 form factor SSD. You could replace the 1 TB drive with a 3.5" SSD. Scratch that - there are three free 3.5" bays. You could add a standard SSD.

Depending on how it mounts, you might be able to replace the DVD drive but I do not know if that will work well since this system is clearly built around the idea of not adding a drive. Also it specifies a “slim” optical drive so the mounting might not be standard.

I guess you could use one of those full sized PCI SSD cards…but that is beyond overkill and very heavily dependent on the motherboard to function well. There is no way to tell if the card would physically fit without the case in hand.

Is this a good computer for gaming or no? Not sure on video card?

Why can’t you use an M.2 SSD???

I don’t want to enter into a long discussion about privacy, but I will note that there is a difference between there is a difference between someone wanting to gather information about me and doing so, and me voluntarily giving that information out. There may well be no real complete defense against someone who actively attempts to hack into my computers, but that’s a different discussion than whether or not I want to freely provide some particular level of information access to a third party in (partial) exchange for using their operating system.

So I take it that you read all the disclaimers on all of the software you install? You’ve probably unknowingly agreed to provide that information. You’ve probably inadvertently downloaded malware that has already scavenged the type on information you’re trying to conceal. We all have choices, but thinking Windows 7 is going to keep you off the grid vs Windows 10 is preposterous. We’re all open targets. Yeah and Apple is no better for you Appleheads out there. So since it’s no more secure to use Windows 7, then why not use Windows 10 that has better functionality? Of course unless you need mediacenter, then Windows 7.

I don’t know where you get your loony ideas, but I’m not paranoid. The whole Skylake debacle has had lots of twists and turns recently and I’m just trying to inform buyers of what to expect.

Spying wasn’t even a reason I posted this. Some users have chosen to stick with earlier versions of Windows because Windows 10 doesn’t have the Media Center application. Another reason is that some older external hardware might not work on Windows 10, but does work with 7. Some might just stick with what they have because they don’t want to have to learn the new operating system.

Who is paranoid now?