HP ENVY 750 Intel i5, 1TB SATA Desktop

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HP ENVY 750 Intel i5, 1TB SATA Desktop
Price: $379.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Sep 19 to Thursday, Sep 22) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Well, the Fedex guy brought this h-u-g-e box to the door Wednesday with the HP logo on it. Surprise! It wasn’t expected until next week, so it was early for my grandson’s birthday. That’s great!

After carefully unpacking the box, setup was a breeze. For a refurb, this computer looked totally unused; clean, unscratched, still shiny where it should be shiny, dull where it should be dull.

The disappointment came right after it was plugged in and booted up.

Pushing the recessed (good idea, which my other HP boxes lack) power button, it displayed the new Windows 10 logo and the preferences screen and the initial sign-on to connect to the net, which went well.

Then we get an “updating” message and after that . . a blue-and-white HP logo that never went away.

Powered down, rebooted, hit F8, F2, F10, everything that HP on-line support suggests and the screen never changed from a (stationary) logo. Not a word about an update, “please wait” or “Don’t shut off your computer” that Microsoft likes to put on the screen.

Oh, yes. A white light blinked every couple of seconds on the Caps Lock key while I was clicking the function keys trying to get to the BIOS on bootup.

What does that blinking light indicate? A bad disk? Bad memory? Bad CPU? Or everything will be OK if you will just be patient and wait a day or two?

I’m not that patient. This is my fifth computer purchase from Woot-- all refurbs–and they’ve all worked fine out of the box–until now.

What should I do?

OK, it took some time going through numerous blogs and HP’s help pages and forum, but now it’s working great and my daughter is overjoyed.

I didn’t have to disassemble the computer, either.

Problem was easy to fix, hard to understand. A wi-fi adapter that was inserted in one the USB-2 slots caused the computer to stop cold on the opening screen. Removed the adapter (which wasn’t needed, because the box has wireless already) and it boots up with Windows 10 and everything works fine.

Incidentally, the fans and hard disk on this machine are so quiet you can’t tell when it’s running except by looking at the monitor. It’s sitting on a table and makes no vibration at all.

Thanks, Woot!