HP ENVY 750 Intel i7, 24GB DDR4 Desktop

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HP ENVY 750 Intel i7, 24GB DDR4 Desktop
Price: $649.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmarks

CPU $300, Videocard $100, 24 GB DDR4 $100, SSD $40, HDD $60, legit OS $80, MB/PS/Case $150, optical drive/mouse/keyboard $40

Basically you could NOT build this for less. These are figures mostly off the top of my head, but they should be pretty close. You are lookin at about $870 in the cost of parts alone. I would say this is a good deal since the cost of parts is about $220 more than what woot is offering this at today.

How would this rate gaming wise?

Adequate. The i7-6700 CPU is an absolute beast, 24GB of system memory is enough that you could consider running a Ramdisk, it has a fast SSD and a vast 2TB platter drive, but the GTX-745 GPU is pretty low-end these days. The machine is overall slightly better than what I have (HP Envy with an i7-4790 and a GTX-645 bought off Woot a year and a half ago).

It’ll run most modern games for at least the next year, but you’ll want to look into a GPU upgrade. Make sure to double-check that any candidate video cards will physically fit into the case, as that’s an issue I’ve seen pop up in the past. (I helped a friend of mine upgrade his GPU, we had to strap the PSU to the outside of the case and I had to install the video card because he didn’t have the necessary level of manual dexterity required to manipulate the card around to get it plugged in)

Entity325 sums it up nicely regarding the computer and the graphics. It’s a decent videocard that can game, although certain games might not play well (or at all) at higher resolutions. Depending on what games you play, this could be a perfect fit. If you have to upgrade the graphics card, space could be an issue with regards to both the graphics card and the power supply you will probably need to upgrade.

Here is a list of games that it should be able to play at some resolution:


First time I’ve heard of a strap-on power supply… yeah I had to go there…lol

Overall, these seem to be great machines at a great price. You do have to put up with some downsides but they can all be resolved. If you want a fast machine at a good deal and can deal with the quibbles below, you should get it.

I bought a different version of the same machine. Mine has the same drives, processor, case etc but differs in that it has:

  1. Windows 7 Pro
  2. 12 GB of RAM instead of 24
  3. No SSD

Mine not having the SSD seems to be a huge hit to performance. More than I would have expected even though I have upgraded a previous machine with one. I already planned to move my SSD to this new machine anyway so no big deal there.

I needed the Windows 7 option for Media Center. I know that others have installed it over top of Windows 10 but didn’t want to count on that. If you don’t have this requirement, Windows 10 seems great.

I have 24 GB of RAM at work but have been using 6 at home for a long time without issue so 12 (mine) or 24 (this machine) is essentially irrelevant to me, but the 24 is a good deal.

Overall, the performance of the machine is fantastic except for the mechanical drive which this model fixes by having an SSD. I just did some video encoding comparison to my old (really old now) Core 2 Quad Q6600 machine and the encoding is about 1/4 the time for a 2 hour video at around 6 minutes.

Wireless performance, Bluetooth, etc all work perfectly. Machine was in new condition as I would expect.

I do have a couple complaints that others may want to consider:

  1. The case takes stupid to a whole new level. It’s as big as others but yet wastes space by orienting the optical drive vertically. The ports/slots on top are facing away from the front. The flap over the drive is annoying.
  2. The power supply is a disappointment. Mine is 300 watt just like this one. Be aware that it has exactly 0 molex connectors and it has exactly 1 extra connector for SATA power. In this machine I assume that extra is used for the SSD unless it is an M.2 variant. The power supply appears well made, quiet and runs cool, so there is that. It has no other accessory connectors like GPU etc.
  3. My processor fan has a slight noise to it that sounds like it is surging just a tiny bit. With the machine a few more feet away it doesn’t matter but worth noting. It is perceptible but barely.
  4. Keyboard and mouse are some of the worst I’ve encountered. I don’t plan to use them but it is amazing that HP would design them like this… however with the case the way it is, I guess it isn’t that much of a surprise after all.
  5. Wireless AC is 2G instead of 5G. I didn’t expect that but it does work fine even though I don’t really plan to use it.
  6. No Blu-Ray drive. This is pretty minor and can be fixed but would have liked it to have been included. I know these machines had it as an option, just none of the Woot refurb machines happen to have it included.

I am disappointed that Woot is not providing interior views of these machines. I still would have bought it, but just would have known about some of the items like the connectors etc.

It looks like this was carried by Costco


You know what they say. If it’s stupid, but it works…