HP Envy Desktop w/ Windows 8

How much to downgrade?

I like the little bit of red on it! It’s pretty!

Oh yeah Windows 8! :slight_smile:

The Windows 8 plague has been unleashed!

Here’s some info on Windows 8.

The following Wikipedia article gives a good, concise explanation of the different versions:

This is the official Microsoft chart of the differences.

The specs look really nice. And Windows 8 too. Tempted.

Windows 8? Which one?

Dang. That’s a powerful PC. I’d probably pop a better videocard and power supply in there, but I’ve got those in my current tower already…

I’ve been considering building my own PC, but this seems like more than what I was planning to build and around my budget…
Anyone know if I could realistically build something better than this for the same price?

Sorry, y’all, I can’t find much of anything, not even a manual. The best I can do so far is the product page:

with spec sheet:

yes, it is indeed $999 list vs. $749.99 here.

Look at my link to the Editions above. They’re naming them different than they did for Windows 7.

There’s Windows 8 (no suffix name) that is the basic edition aimed for home users. That’s what is loaded on this machine.

There’s also Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT, and Windows Enterprise.

oh cool! an operating system that promises to interlock adds into the OS! i’m on board!

OH BOY WINDOWS 8!!! Ill take 8 mr.woot

I first thought this was a refrigerator when I saw the smaller image.

I don’t think I’m going to put Windows 8 on my desktop; seems like the OS is much better for tablets…

This PC seems pretty expensive though. AMD just released new FX cpu’s which are actually a significant improvement over the previous generation, so I’m surprised this 8120 PC isn’t priced less.

The 8-core processor is OK, although it’s only good for multi-threaded applications, and single-threaded performance is pretty terrible. Plus, it will probably be hard to overclock this cpu, which is a must for the 8120 imo.

I’ve also seen better i7 builds that cost about the same on here that would be much better all-around PCs. I would pass on this PC and wait for an AMD FX 8320/50 or i7 3770 for about the same price…

Edit: 3 days ago on Woot, there was an i7 3770 PC, which is a much better processor than the 8120, for only $660, with the same gpu, ram, HDD, etc. Definitely wait, there will be better deals.


The graphics card doesn’t seem that great…

The machine is nice except for the videocard. Eww.

i made a purchase it says accepted,does that mean my purchase is out of stock because at the end of the day the purchase history will not show anything.

Well, you’re pretty little color box is showing a purchase. It should show up in your purchase history within a few minutes and you should get an email confirmation as well.