HP ENVY e-All-In-One Wireless Printer

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HP ENVY e-All-In-One Wireless Printer
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 16 to Monday, Apr 21) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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TONS of solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at staples.com
[youtube=25Oqo51_pfs][/youtube] and solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at officedepot.com

Here’swhat the cool kids on Amazon are saying about this one.

What is the product or part number of these?

Anyone know if this specific Envy 4500 will work with Instank Ink?


I know the Envy 4500’s that I’ve seen locally in retail stores support Instant Ink, but they use the #61 cartridges. This particular Envy 4500 uses the #301 cartridges according to the specs tab.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

How does this model compare to the HP Envy 120?

Last night i finally broke down & bid on a copier/scanner/printer that has solid reviews at Amazon. That auction ends in 23 hours, so I may be jumping in here at the last second.

How is thermal inkjet nowadays? I think I might wanna stick with monochrome laser.

which brand and model number are you bidding on>>

Based on what I could find, 61 is the correct replacement cartridge despite the fact that the printer comes with 301.

More here:


Also read about the cartridge updates here:


Hope that answers your question!

I bought an Envy 4501, looks identical, at WallyWorld just before Christmas - 40 bucks, new, store sale. It has worked perfectly so far and I am happy with it. FYI. (Henderson,Nv.) It uses #61 ink.

I can’t find ink for this anywhere that doesn’t have “uk” in the addy…

I guess I’m too dumb to buy this one.

If you go to the product page liked above, click on the Accessories tab.

It shows that the ink is HP 61 or HP 61XL.

There’s quite a few places to get the ink.

Can anyone speak to the start up time of this printer? I have an HP 6500 OfficeJet which I don’t use a lot, but when I do, it takes - I **** you not - like 3 minutes to whirl and gyrate and warm up before it starts to THINK about printing a page out… That’s really turned me off to these cheap HP AIOs, but anyone with better experience?

Hmmm. A lot of reviews for this model mention problems with paper jams - even when there is no paper in the unit. (False error code.) Hopefully the refurb has fixed that problem. Any owners care to share their experiences?

It’s a great price, but I don’t want to deal with a finicky printer. I use an old HP OfficeJet v40 all-in-one+fax, which I’ve had for almost 15 years. Still works great - but I would like the convenience of a wireless printer. Might be better to just invest in a wireless print server instead. (Any of those coming soon, Wootstaff?)

cbert, I’m not familiar with the 6500 series, but my OfficeJet takes about 15 seconds to go through its warm-up routine. And after all these years, it still prints beautifully and - a big plus - very quietly.

mamballama: A while back there was a similar discussion on a different HP printer. A wooter posted the following:

Danke, ThunderThighs! Very helpful.

Still pondering whether to take the plunge here, or get the wireless print server. I do love my old OfficeJet . . .

this includes ink… right?

In the box:

HP ENVY 4500 e-All-In-One Wireless Printer
HP 301 Black Ink Cartridge
HP 301 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
Software CD
Power Cord

Haven’t bought a printer in many years, but it used to be the practice to include ‘starter’ cartridges that were only 1/3 full, forcing you to purchase ink much sooner than expected. Not sure if that is still the case, but that may be why the included cartridges and the replacements have different numbers.

I’d probably stay away from any HP “wireless” printer. I purchased an all-in-one HP refurbed printer (model c310). The wireless function worked at first, but after the one year mark, the wireless no longer worked. It still functions if connected by usb, but the wireless will not see ANY wi-fi signal. Could not send back because the unit stopped working properly after the warranty expired. Try another manufacturer. Stay away from HP.