HP ENVY e-All-In-One Wireless Printers

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Good reviews for the 4500 at staples.com

solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) on the 4500 over at officedepot.com


I actually bought one of these 4500’s at Staples brand new a couple of weeks ago for about $75. Out of the box, mine would not work right away. It wouldn’t draw the paper into the printing chamber. After a few hours of googling and troubleshooting, I realized I wasn’t the only unlucky one on the internet to have this kind of issue with the 4500. When I called HP support, I was put into immediate contact with one of their engineers who decided to overnight me a brand new printer (which I did actually get the next day). This new unit works perfectly, and I would definitely recommend the printer. Though, I’m not sure of how the refurbished ones will perform, and maybe one of you lucky buyers will get my old defective unit that they probably fixed!

That was also a very surprising experience with HP support. Kuddos to them.

Is it good for photos? Does it work better on a PC or a Macbook?

I had a canon printer that didnt print well on my macbook then I heard it works better with PC.

I’m thinking about setting up a photo booth at events. I need something fast. Also does this create its own wifi or does it have to be on a network?

Any help of any kind is welcomed. Thanks.

My friend gave me one of these Envy 4500 printers a couple of weeks ago because his kid didn’t need it anymore. It needs ink cartridges, they cost $49.95 from HP. Disposable printers :(.

I bought one new a while back and would not recommend it to anyone. Everything to the software to repeated power cycling to correct hardware errors. It eventually quit scanning after 6 months and HP was no help. Stay away. This comes from someone who works in an enterprise IT environment.

I have this printer. I haven’t printed photos yet, so I can’t comment on that, but it’s easy to set up, works well and it’s wireless ability has even allowed me to print from my android phone.

My mom just got the 4500, easy set-up, came with your first ink cartridges, but they were total crap. The very first page I printed it it looked like I had used a 10 year old printer on it’s last legs trying to suck up and print on ink fumes. Maybe she just needs to buy new cartridges but it’s totally la me, and for the price of the printer vs. the price of the ink I wouldn’t recommend it.

Bought the 5530 a few weeks ago. It is back on the fed ex truck as a return. Many issues getting it to connect and then total failure after 1 hour. Maybe if it was new I would try again, but not a refurb.

Bought the 5530 here a few weeks ago. Set up was pretty easy. It is connected via USB to my wife’s Win 7 desktop. My i7 iMac, MacBook pro anf Toshiba Win8 laptop all print via WiFi to it. Works as described so far. Small starter ink cartridge didn’t last too long. The double sided print feature has come in very handy so far. Haven’t used it as a photo printer yet, but it does make for a convenient card reader.

Just wanted to let you know, you can enroll in the HP Instant Ink plan with HP. The HP Envy 4500 is eligible!

It’s $2.99/m ($36/y) for up to 50 sheets; $4.99/m ($60/y)for up to 100 sheets; $9.99/m ($120/y) for up to 300 pages. It detects when your ink is low/out and they automatically send you more ink, and if for whatever reason one month you need to print more, you just up your plan for that one month, and put it back down the next. Print high quality photos or just text. Cost is the same either way.

Even better, unused pages roll-over to the next month. (up to 300) It’s amazing!

Here’s the information about it and other printers that are eligible!

(Jeez, HP should send me some commissions for this! :P)

I want one, but my husband’s asleep, and I can’t buy it without speaking with hime first. Only 7 hours left!

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