HP ENVY i5, 12GB DDR4, 128SSD+1TB HDD Desktop

I bought 1 of these new from bestbuy and works great as my everyday desktop at home. I do not play any games…just as a word processor and surfing the web…watch movies/sports…no issues at all. Tempted to pick this up for my wife

Would this take a regular desktop graphics card or is it something proprietary?

It’s an HP. Therefore, chances are pretty low.

I have a variant of these that woot was selling a while back with an RX480 preinstalled. Yes, it’ll take a card, but it’s going to be tight. I was able to fit a Zotac 1070 mini in mine.

Motherboard is an Odense-2k which has standard power inputs, so you can replace the PSU as well. Just be mindful of your dimensions.

Spec sheet here: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05379721

I have two questions. It has two HDMi so it can support 2 monitors as is? My monitors are DVI if I buy a DVI to HDMI converter it should work fine right?

Yep! The mothership sells HDMI to DVI cables cheap.