HP ENVY Intel Core i5, 2TB SATA Desktop

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HP ENVY Intel Core i5, 2TB SATA Desktop
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Power Supply.

There. Topic opener.


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Good foundation; needs an SSD and a good video card.

Normally I skip this topic, since I only play two series of games (Portal and Batman Arkham), but I’ve been think about getting a new computer, since mine is eight years old, and it will need to play Arkham Knight.

And, yes, I think this would need a video card and a bigger power supply. 300W is a bit small.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to go old school and build one from components, even though I don’t find that as fun as I did fifteen years ago.

Perfect topic, I need a new desktop for my mother-in-law. This would be perfect except for the weak power supply. I don’t understand why manufacturers hamstring otherwise perfectly decent desktop computers with under-powered PSUs. With a mid tower case there is certainly room for expansion, higher end video cards, additional hard drives. So why not provide a 400-450W power supply to allow for that? A more powerful PSU never hurts and wouldn’t cost the manufacturer that much more. I would even pay a bit more to have that expandability.

Um, lets see if we can find amperage ratings for this thing, before we all go nuts and burn it to the ground…

I tend to replace PSUs when I know they come from a bad source, or, I can look inside and see inadequate build quality (Capson capacitors, thin heat sinks, solder joints waiting to crack, bad fan, etc.) I have an HP 6000 series desktop I got from my mom with a bad hard drive controller on the motherboard and a 320w PSU with Capson caps. I got a Gigabyte motherboard and an EVGA 450w PSU. I’m going to swap out the bad, put in the good, using the processor and RAM that came in the HP and add a low end Nvidia 610 graphics card. I can just transfer the Windows license over. Solved.

Also, the keyboard and mouse that come with these HP units are so bad, they might as well not add them, just use ones you have laying around.