HP ENVY Intel Core i7 16GB DDR4 Desktop

I purchased this computer well over 1 year ago from woot. It worked well for many months but the RAM sticks did go bad. I had to have my IT guy diagnose at work. So this is a great computer for the price but if it does go south try switching out the RAM sticks.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on the RAM sticks. I’ve worked on computers for years and it’s extremely rare that you find a bad stick of RAM- especially on a name brand computer. Unless the stick of RAM was damaged secondary to a power surge, a defective MB or defective power supply, it would be extrmely rare for your stick to be defective. If you’re worried about it then run diagnostics https://www.howtogeek.com/260813/how-to-test-your-computers-ram-for-problems/. To blindly replace 16GB RAM is ridiculous.