HP ENVY Intel Core i7, GT 635 Desktop

Does it have HDMI? HP site say yes, not listed in specs on Woot.

From the buyer:
The video card has:
• DisplayPort

Does the Super multi DVD read and burn Bluray DVD’s? Thanks for any help.

When it says

“Enhanced performance from the discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 graphics with 4GB dedicated graphics memory”

Does it mean it has an independent video card with 4GB RAM, or that it is built into the motherboard and borrows 4GB from the system’s 16GB? The internet has failed to provide a clear answer, so I humbly come seeking answers from those who are selling this system (or anyone who has recently purchased this) and can respond with firsthand knowledge…

Yes, a discrete video card is a separate card from the motherboard. Here’s the GeForce page for this video card.

To clarify a few things -

No the optical drive will not read or write Bluray discs. If you want to watch Bluray video discs on this computer, you will need to install a BD-ROM optical drive and purchase a video player program that supports Bluray discs. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 have a basic video player that doesn’t do Bluray. The computer case does have room for a second optical drive, unlike the newer design HP computers which do not have room for two optical drives. And the supplied graphics card will support Bluray.

The computer specs say it comes with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 4GB graphics card. That is an add on card that occupies the PCI-E-16 expansion slot on the motherboard. It will have 4GB of its own video RAM, which is more than enough. It will have the capability to share system RAM also, but it’s unlikely that it will need to.

But HP is not giving you a NVIDIA brand card. You will get a generic card from a no name supplier that uses the NVIDIA GT 640 chipset. The pretty picture of the video card that is linked in the post above is not the card you will get. You will get a cheap generic card which is made with the NVIDIA chipset.