HP ENVY Intel Core i7, GTX 745 Desktop



This is honestly a really good base system to start out. That’s a really high end I7 with dedicated graphics. Not something you normally find on this business like builds. With 16gbs of RAM, all you’d really need to do to upgrade would be to grab a better PSU and GPU. But even with upgrading the GPU, the 745 isn’t a terrible card.


Does anyone know how big the power supply is in these desktops? The GPU is more than fine for my old games, but I’m looking to add an old SATA HD and maybe as SSD…


Oh wait, I see it now. Why does the more higher end one have a smaller PSU?


This is a configurable model. The 300 watt power supply is the cheapest one, and apparently the GPU doesn’t need more than that. You just can’t add any power hungry components. An additional HDD or SSD would be fine.
I don’t know why they have gone to a motherboard with only two RAM slots. Again, cheaper to manufacture. But leaves no room for expansion. I suppose with 4GB of dedicated video memory, the 16GB of RAM is sufficient. Barely. Like the power supply.
A good computer built down to a price, like all such HP computers. Issues will be with little things, like cooling fans and such. Sure, they are using a nice NVIDIA GTX 745 chipset, but the graphics card itself will be a cheap generic card from a no-name supplier. Plan on replacing the fan on the graphics card within 6 months.
The other i7 they are selling, the HP ENVY 700-329, has the 460 watt power supply. So you could put a well made GPU, like EVGA or MSI for example, into this one.