HP ENVY Intel i5, 12GB DDR3 Desktop


HP ENVY Intel i5, 12GB DDR3 Desktop
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Stop putting Windows 8 on these things and i’ll buy one or two of them. Yep, windows 8 is a deal breaker.

Can you play Minecraft 1.8 with this level machine?

There is command IDDQD(cross that) format C:\

Pretty good deal. Parts alone over $600 and Envy has room to add extra drives.

I think we need to come up with a MineCraft rating for every computer. Discuss.

HP ENVY 700-214 Product Support
HP ENVY 700-214 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide

Can I add a higher end graphics card so I can use this to power 4 monitors simultaneously? Does anyone have any thoughts how I can most economically accomplish this? Thanks!

Yes. The memory and the i5 chip are fine if not better than fine. It could use a graphics card upgrade if you wanted to do serious gaming on it, but it will run Minecraft respectably with no real issues.

I purchased the i7 version of this about a year ago (when HP offered them with Windows 7 again) I installed a Radeon R9 260 shortly after receiving. Will need a new power supply to support one of these. If you are looking to install two, you will definitely need to upgrade the 300W PS. It is a tight fit with one card, but some clever cable routing you should have no issues with two.

Edit: My bad, this one comes with a 460W PS, but will still probably need to replace depending on the power requirements of the card you choose.

This card will power up to 6 displays at once and should wwork in this computer.
VisionTek 900614 Radeon HD 7750 2GB GDDR5 PCIe 6x mini DP Video Card (Eyefinity 6)

CPU Benchmark

Dear Intel, please develop a video card that’s at least as good as my 3 year old middle-of-the-road GeForce. As it is, the HD 4600 still performs at 1/4 of the GeForce 560ti. Sad.

Yes. This has integrated graphics good enough to handle Minecraft pretty smoothly.

Just FYI the HD 4600 is NOT a dedicated graphics card. It is a technology built into Intel processors so they can manage graphics processing decently. Intel isn’t trying to have the best graphics, just good enough to get by. Integrated graphics (like HD 4600) will NEVER be as good as dedicated cards.

@BJ (can’t repeat your Woot handle),
Here you go if you’re willing to compromise just a bit in both directions on the specs:

New HP ProDesk 400 G1 from Microcenter

  • New condition.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (yah, it’d be nice if it were Pro).
  • Small business build is a bit more hearty. In my experience HP does not put as much crapware on this line.
  • 1TB vs 2TB hard drive.
  • 8GB vs 12GB RAM.
  • No wifi but that is dirt cheap to add.
  • 300 watt vs 460 watt power supply. Not a big deal if you run the box as is.

$499 pick up at Microcenter or ship it for $28 (ouch).

This machine can run two monitors at once? also im looking to do some video editing on it …will run smooth? thanks

This computer has plenty of RAM, perfect for video editing. However, it lacks a video card which you probably would want for intensive video editing. You could buy one and install it manually (slightly complicated) or find another computer with a dedicated graphics card (aka GPU) in it.

A geforce 660 will run 4 screens, and is cheaper.