HP ENVY Phoenix 860 Intel i7 Desktop

Skylake processor. Ddr4, open m2 slots, gtx 960, seems like a pretty good deal to me

I am excited. Is getting the warranty for $128 on a factory reconditioned PC Smart? Or will factory warranty cover it well enough?

What version of Windows 10 is this? Home? Pro?

Is there any cooling needed for this system?

Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 has only two editions: Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro. This is Windows 10.

The system is sold with 16GB RAM. The motherboard has four RAM slots. How is the 16GB allocated. 1x 16GB Stick, 4x 4GB, 2x 8GB. I need to upgrade the RAM, but need to how the current 16GB comes so I can order the correct RAM.

Also is the RAM Single or Dual Ranked?

Very excited about this purchase.

Looking to upgrade it eventually.

Would recommend this forum post from hp regarding the PSU and GPU.


On factory reconditioned models, it can vary from unit to unit in the batch.

The factory is 90 days which isn’t great. However, you can buy 2 years of coverage directly from HP for cheaper than this 1 year from square trade.

How ?

Yeah this was a solid deal.

It seems like such a better deal than most of the other main ones, and all the other ones in this lineup. Why do you think that is?

Received mine today. There is no water cooler in the unit (as there is in other 860 Phoenix’s). The 960 GTX looks unlike any i’ve ever seen before. i imagine it’s a custom unit for the HP Phoenix systems. Unit looks brand new, seems to be functioning very well. Having steam and Origin download games now and will update to see how well it performs.