HP ENVY Phoenix Intel Core i7 Desktop

I bought this for my family for Christmas. There are lots of negative comments about the video card elsewhere on the web, but for what we use the computer for (Minecraft, Wizard101, video editing) it is fine.


  1. the video card has a displayport port–this is not mentioned in the specs, and I bought additional cables (HDMI --> displayport, dual link DVI) in anticipation of needing a new cable. The spare cable box is getting too full now.

  2. The water cooling system is, dare I say it, elegant. I haven’t tracked CPU temperature, but the computer is quiet enough to place on the desktop, making all the ports more accessible.

  3. I have only found 4 SATA headers on the motherboard, making some of the 3.5 and 2.5 drive slots superfluous. I wanted to throw in two system drives, a storage drive, and a blu ray writer. Unless I find other SATA headers this expansion won’t work. NOTE: I am not a mother board expert, but I followed the SATA cables from the DVD drive and the hard drive, and only found two other SATA ports where they terminate. I am used to motherboards with 6 headers, but I may have missed the other two.

  4. We are using this computer to drive an M3D printer. The computer handles the 3D printing software with ease.

Overall, after a week on nearly nonstop use, I am very satisfied with this purchase. It updated to Windows 10 without a problem. Could I have built a similar machine for less? Maybe…but I was looking for turnkey operation with no “futzing” around for the kids, and I got it. For the family machine, I was looking for pretty good speed, no overclocking, and an OK video card. That’s what I got.