HP ENVY Quad-Core Desktop with 12GB RAM

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HP ENVY Quad-Core Desktop with 12GB RAM
Price: $479.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Jun 16 to Thursday, Jun 19) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmark

Here’s a link to the Support Page

And the Servicing Guide

Lots of great info on the 700 series collected by testfreaks.com


Lets learn all aboutUSB 3.0

This is probably one of the better deal for casual pc users I’ve seen on woot. Has a nice a mount of ramIn terms of gaming I will tell you now its not a gaming pc, you can run stuff like minecraft but don’t go in hoping to play the new farcry 4 later this year. Also if you want to connect it to a hdtv and stream from it you will need to get a gpu but you can find a cheap one for about 20-40 dollars with hdmi slot.

what if you upgraded the graphics card to something with 2gb and the power supply?

I don’t know why they put an integrated graphics card in there in the first place but…I think you’re right about a new graphics card. Not sure you would even need a larger power supply.

HP and Dell (and several other low-end manufacturers) are notorious for putting in the bare minimum for power supplies. Depending on the graphics card you use for the upgrade, you may need to upgrade the power supply to support the extra power draw from the card.

–Update: Just looked it up. It has a 300W power supply, and using the power supply calculator on Newegg, it currently draws 271W. Yeah, you’ll want a new power supply if you upgrade the video card.

All the AMD A Series CPUs are what AMD calls an APU it is a CPU and GPU on a single chip. They also preform better than most other purely on-board GPUs.

If you want to add a blu ray burner drive to this unit, I assume it has a open slot for it? And would you have to upgrade the power supply for that?

It looks like it has 2 5.25" optical drive slots (with the plastic doors covering them) and only one optical drive. You could probably get away with not upgrading the PSU.

You would NOT need to upgrade PS to add a blu-ray burner.They don’t consume that much power.

Although this machine is not a true gaming machine, the APU can do some legitimate gaming. See link:

I don’t recommend buying this if you are a hardcore gamer and need to purchase a videocard. The videocard that you add will definitely need a larger power supply if it substantially better than the 8670D included on the APU. You would be better off buy an I5 and adding a graphics card.

On the other hand, if the gaming you do is included in the link I provided above, under recommended requirements, I think this would be a great deal. The A10-6700 has CPU performance close to an I5 and a decent graphics core. Nice all around desktop for about $500

The wife wants to take some AutoCAD classes this fall. Would this be able to handle the graphics requirements for AutoCAD?

I would advise against using an on-board video card with AutoCad.

How are the other specs if we were to upgrade the video/graphics card?

The APU graphics of this chip are much better than onboard graphics of yesteryear. Depending on how autocad is used, this may work fine. This Radeon HD 8670D supports OpenGL 4.3 (and OpenGL 4.4 depending on the drivers). If this does not work for you, you would want a graphics card specific for autocad- not a gaming card. AMD FIREPRO is designed for autocad, cards run from like $90 to $3500.

What would be a good Power supply to upgrade to?