HP ENVY Quad-Core Desktop with 12GB RAM

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HP ENVY Quad-Core Desktop with 12GB RAM
Price: $459.99
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Here’s a link to the Support Page

And the Servicing Guide

Seriously Woot? Why can’t you have anything with HDMI? How the hell am I supposed to make an HTPC. Not looking to have to add a graphics card to all these damn desktops…

CPU Benchmark

Time to learn all about the processor and check out a review of the processor

Um, your complaint has merit, but there’s more to the story.

  1. This computer is using an APU instead of a CPU+GPU, thus the empty graphics card slot. Video output is limited to the I/0 ports on the motherboard. The motherboard is a MSI JasmineR, and that component has for video output one DVI-D and one VGA port. The DVI-D will carry 4K video resolution but no sound.

  2. HDMI and DVI both use the same video protocol, the CEA-861 standard. There is no loss of signal quality if a DVI to HDMI adapter is used. So you can get your HDMI port by putting a simple inexpensive adapter on the back panel of this computer. But there won’t be any sound on it since this motherboard has a DVI-D port rather than a DVI-I port.

  3. HDMI is limited to 1920X1080 resolution with audio. It is really a TV cable, not a computer cable. The preferred connector for computer displays is the DisplayPort cable, which is a far more modern and sophisticated design. The newest standard for DisplayPort allows up to one 8K or two simultaneous 4K video signals. On one cable.

  4. You can purchase a low power graphics card compatible with the 300 watt power supply, stick it in the empty PCIEX16 slot on the motherboard, and have your HDMI port. MSI makes a nice NVIDIA card with a street price of $30.

If you need to pick out a cheap $30 video card to go with an under-powered power supply on a brand new machine you’re thinking of buying then it’s not a good buy…period.

I always know when it’s going to be an AMD process. It simply says “Quad-Core” in the title.

I’ve run the A10’s on quite a few different machines and have actually switched to installing A8’s or A10’s in all of my new builds for customers. In my opinion, they heavily outweigh the Intel side on performance vs price.

My complaint about the HP Envy systems (this one and even new ones on their site) would be the 300 watt PSU. I’m not even certain how they get an i7-4770, two spinners and a PCI-E 4GB card to power up with that low of a power source.

However, for an extra 40 bucks you can take a great priced set of hardware and build in some assurances with a better supply.

The new CPU’s don’t suck near the power of what old CPU’s did (most consume less than 100 watts). HD, optical drives MB etc don’t use very much power either. The big power hog is usually the gaming graphics card- if you don’t need one of those- this power supply should be fine. Even some of the newest AMD graphics cards are low power (like 20 watts) that have HDMI out- these are perfect for mediacenters (no fans), not good for gaming though. As long as you don’t add a gaming video card you should be fine, if you add a videocard for HDMI out- make sure you pick something low powered.

Seriously, you’d consider a big desktop box like this as an HTPC?

The other problem with making this an HTPC is Windows 8. It doesn’t come with mediacenter anymore. If you are using a 3rd party (or a different OS) that might not be an issue- But the absence of mediacenter is one of my biggest gripes about windows 8. I think that is a key piece of software that should have still been included instead of making it a $100 add on. Especially if you do cable tuners that are essentially plug and play to set-up in mediacenter.

Why not, that’s what I use. It’s easy to pop in a blu-ray player, easy to add HDs, no cooling issues and can have less fans because of all the space- making it quiet. It’s just plain easy if you have the room.

You don’t NEED to, that was just one of the options presented. Like he said, a DVI to HDMI cable should work just fine, as long as what receives the video also has a separate audio in of some variety.

I’ve had a similar but older HP for a little over two years now. Despite the HD crapping out a little after I bought it, it’s been great. HP replaced the HD with very little hassel.

While it may have way more RAM and even more CPU power than you’d need for a simple internet/video-watching machine, this computer is plenty for casual gaming and running more CPU intensive processes like video editing.

It isn’t going to play super intense modern titles, and it won’t dazzle you with lightning fast video export, but it’ll get the job done. I personally added a GTX 750ti to my old computer (mine had a 400w PSU though, so this computer may require a PSU upgrade prior to a GPU upgrade). The card made more intense gaming plausible while still running very efficiently (the 750’s have some of the highest performance per watt out there).

Overall, in my opinion, great price for someone who doesn’t want to build a PC from scratch, and great performance for someone who doesn’t need top-of-the-line, super expensive hardware.

That might work fine, you may have the potential for audio sync issues when you do that and you lose the digital audio aspect. If that’s not a big deal then the cable will work fine, but most people with mediacenters want to keep the digital audio part.

I would appreciate any help thank you in advance. I am looking to upgrade and old computer…running XP…I need to run word…all office works…create power points…etc…work related programs…watch some movies…listen to music…email…NO heavy games…can you tell me if this computer would do the trick without having to add all sorts of upgrades…

Anyone else notice in the description it’s a wireless keyboard and mouse, but in the picture there are wires hanging them around the tower?

Also to the person asking if this has enough power to run basic office apps, definitely.

[MOD: Confirmed wireless.]

This would work great for those things. It’s pretty well balanced, more RAM than necessary and priced about $50 higher than it should be. This APU has decent performance all around. The video processing is really pretty decent and will play many games- it’s about as powerful as a Geforce GT 440. Transfer the OS to a solid state HD (won’t need to upgrade power supply to do this) and you’ll have a really decent set-up, but that’s not something you’ll have to do- just something you’ll want to do.