HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM

**Item: **HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM
Price: $469.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

TONS of comments from when this was offered in May

Take a look at more info from the Product Page

Plenty of RAM, needs a video card upgrade if you plan on doing any gaming. With a 460w power supply though… Well, for once, that might actually do the trick. Then again, I don’t know what the specific PSU is, so I can’t speak for it’s actual reliability.

Certainly a good price for a computer of this grade, though.

this is one of those deals I feel bad passing up. It is a great deal. If you want to game you can through in a Radeon 6850 which will do fine for gaming and the power supply already in. For all other normal processes like email, web, photoshop, and other programs it will do great.

not excited about reviews of win 8 … has anyone dumped win8 and loaded win7?

was looking at this to be a home server but for about 100 more dollars i can get an off-lease 8 core system with 72GB of ram with a year warranty. thanks woot. i’ll have to pass on this though.

I envy a six core, to make up for my old pc’s shortcomings.

Can I run old and older games on this?
Medal of Honor
Free Space 2
Redneck Rampage
MS Flight Sim 98

My new PC has Windows 8 and basically if you run it in desktop mode you can’t tell the difference from 7. The only thing that I’ve really noticed is that windows 8 will start up a lot faster than any microsoft OS i’ve used in the past.

That’s good to know because I’ve heard incredibly bad things about Win 8’s main interface. Since I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, etc or any social network, Windows 8 seems like a total waste for me – especially without a touchscreen.

As for the bootup speed, could that be due to the fact that your Win 8 system is still relatively clean? All of my Windows systems booted up pretty quickly when new but became bogged down within months.

Have to think about this one … can’t decide if I want this (or any desktop) or an i7-based laptop for about $60 more. One thing against Woot is that it collects sales tax while the i7 laptop vendor does not. The laptop also ships free but Woot’s $5 s/h is still a bargain for a 25lb desktop.

Just a plain good deal…

Processor will only see a rise as games climb to 4, 5, 6 cores.

Video card is subpar for gaming…but will get you low/medium on games like Starcraft 2, etc.

Plenty of size in that HD.

The PS being 460W is a plus. Not sure of the quality but a lot of these pre made ones come with a 300W. With it being bigger it isn’t running as close to max capacity which means quieter and longer lasting.

I am just trying to get into film and music editing. Would this thing work pretty well for these applications?

I wonder how games written for the original DOS-based PC or even Windows 95 ould run on this. How much would you have to re-program the timing loops to slow Space Invaders to a playable speed? :slight_smile:

Click to play Space Invaders

I wonder how Zork would run on this thing…

It would probably be overkill, especially for music editing. Speed never hurts for video editing and converting though. While you can get away with a cheaper two core machine, the six logical cores of this model will make things MUCH faster and smoother. For this price, you should probably go for it.

Hey guys, question. I recently bought another HP from here, hoping I could get it cheap on here and just put in a bit more money for an upgraded video card or processor and get a decent gaming computer. Nothing State Of The Art, but could play current games (like Metro: Last Light) smoothly, even if not at high setting.

Here’s the original HP I bought: http://sellout.woot.com/offers/hp-quad-core-desktop-w-2tb-hd-5

It has an AMD quad 3.4 ghz processor, 8 GB ram, and a Radeon HD 7660D

This one is AMD 6-core so I’m assuming it would have a better performance - but how big of a difference are we talking about? I’ve been some having trouble with the HP I bought running some games even on modest settings. So what’s the better option - put money into the one I have and boost it up, or get this one (and still might have to boost it, but may end up with a much better machine)

Any thoughts?

Refurbished = something to be concerned about? Otherwise seems like a good deal.