HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM

**Item: **HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM
Price: $469.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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bought this one in May.

Couple of thoughts. I tried to go into windows 8 with an open mind. I am getting used to the tiles with updated info in them, but i really don’t like not having a start menu. That is a Win 8 problem though

I’ve noticed that the yellow lights of the three discs on the front that indicate computer activity never stop. Is that because windows 8 never stops updating or is there a problem with the stock programs/apps?

So far, don’t regret my purchase. Happy with the computer for work.

So, same one that was for sale yesterday, but more expensive?

EDIT: Here are the differences…

  1. Faster processor (AMD FX-6200 3.8GHz vs. AMD FX-6120 3.5GHz)

  2. Better graphics card (Eyefinity Radeon HD 7570 2GB DDR3 vs. AMD Radeon HD 7450 1GB DDR3)

  3. Bigger hard drive (1.5 TB vs. 1 TB)

I guess not a bad deal for only $20 more.

I just priced out the components of this, it appears to be a pretty good deal, however, with another $100 or so, you could get a much better machine with gaming in mind.

Is it called the “ENVY” because when you own one, you envy others that have another brand computer?

Um…what? Do you mean that you could do much more with the PC if it had a little better in the way of specs? Or get much more PC with a little more money?

So tempted as my dog just knocked over my pavilion and it won’t boot…it’ll power up, but just to the generic screen and no further. Where do I start with the trouble shooting? Hard Drive?

open it up and see if anything came loose.

My first post was vague, I edited it. If you built your own, and dropped the ram to 8 gigs, which is more than enough, and got a better graphics card, you could do better, gaming wise.

Totally did that. Opened it and started un-doing connections and plugging them back in to make sure they are tight. Even did it while plugged in, so I could see all LED’s and fans running. Something must have jarred loose and simply can’t figure it out. Even pulled my entire hard drive out, which included a huge chassis to remove which wasn’t easy, unplugged it’s cables, plugged back in and still no boot. Argh.

Yeah, I’m lucky not to have too many requirements for high performance. I stopped gaming on my PC and moved all gaming to xbox. That said, I still always buy everything at the top end and it lasts me a few year.

I bought the one from yesterdays woot off....wish I had waited..this one has a faster processor,larger hard drive,better video card and bigger power supply....If ONLY I had known.Oh well....cest la vie

There is no such thing as more than enough RAM, especially for a desktop to use for gaming.

Myself, I wouldn’t recommend this PC for gaming - better off getting something with a Core i5.

Just saying.

Seriously, what’s up with the Woot response times? Did they blow out their 33K modems and have to hook the old 2400Baud ones back up?

Yes, yes there is. No current generation of video games will ever use more than 4gb of DDR3 memory. Tack on windows using roughly 1, and anything over 6 for gaming is unnecessary. You’d be better off spending the money upping the speed instead of slapping new sticks in to get to 10.

And just FYI, there’s a small chance you’ll be handed a computer that will stop working after a day or two. I would hope these being refurbished means they fixed the issue. However the original version of these were shipped out with the first release of Windows 8, which conveniently didn’t include all the files you need for this crappy six core processor to work. Again, hopefully by being refurbished they’ve installed a newer release of windows 8. But I wouldn’t bet $400 on it.

I agree. But there are other benefits of having lots of RAM. For a machine with mechanical HDD, the extra RAM could be turned into temporary, lightning fast storage. It would give users more open tabs in browsers. And of course it is a boon when it comes to media editing.

try spamming your f-keys during boot to get to the diagnostics. I think HP is F-1 but it’s been a while. Usually the BIOS diagnostics will point to what’s the issue. My bet would be the dog knocking it over while it was on caused damage to the moving components of your hard drive, and that’s all you’d need to replace.

not a bad pc, but i would wipe that crappy windows 8 off and put win 7. 8 sucks

At the rate these are flying off the shelves I thought I was at Wal-Mart on black friday