HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM

**Item: **HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Everything you would ever want to know, straight from hp.com

Check out this interesting unboxing video [youtube=FFl0l7iOdRQ][/youtube]

9.1/10 Rating from 200+ reviews across multiple sites on Test Freak.

Positive Feedback from BestBuy

This is a solid performer using a 6 core AMD FX-6120, which scores a 5854 (ranking it #143). While the AMD may be slower than some Intel i5 and i7 CPUs, AMD chips handle graphics more efficiently. So if gaming is your goal, factor that in.

I’m not a gamer but I do graphics, digital painting, and digital collage in Photoshop and Painter. I’m looking for a machine with lots of storage for large image files and a processor/RAM/Graphics card combination that can handle working large .psd files at 300 dpi minimum as well as digital paintings that will likewise be large.

As this is a computer geared toward gaming (a graphics/speed intensive endeavor), would this machine be suitable for the work I described above?

Hi, The Processor is great. With a Passmark of 5854. Intel i5s 3rd generation vary from 3000 (most are 4000) to 7000. & i7s 3rd gen from 3800 to 12000 (most are 7000)


The graphics though is quite bad. Passmark of 314. The integrated intel graphics HD 4000 gets 466. And normal graphics cards like NVIDIA GeForce get 1305. Good cards Like Radeon 7770 get 2151. And top models get 4000-8000 like Radeon HD 7990 at 5105.

IF YOU BUY IT, GET A NEW GRAPHICS CARD AND DITCH THE OLD ONE. I Recommend Radeon HD 7770. Decntly cheap at $80 (after months of searching bought one for $70)


For lower end stuff buy from tigerdirect or newegg. And look up on passmark.com .


8 gb ram is fine for all gaming and editing unless massively using excel. The only reason to have more would be to run a server or something crazy like crysis 3 on max settings.

An addendum: you will probably need a bigger power supply if you wanted to move into the 2000+ passmark videocards.

AMD’s APU line of chips do graphics better than Intels…but this processor is in their FX line.

Yep. Woot occasionally sells HP Phoenix PC’s that actually come with a solid 600W power supply (weird, right?). I would recommend waiting for one of those if you intend to buy a prebuilt and swap the graphics card.

Is this windows 8 Pro?
I would like to “downgrade” to 7

I have bought many a HP PC from Woot. All have been great out of the box, some did require the upgrade Power Supply and Graphics card as mentioned. I am not sure about this one though. The benchmarks speak for themselves as to the reviews from Best Buy buyers. Thinking about 1 or 2 just not sure yet…

No, it is regular Windows 8.

Stupid question, but do these refurb machines come with a Windows install disc too? In case I wanted to put in a new HDD or had a HDD crash?

Often not but there are options. Sometimes the HD has a restore partition and instructions to make a restore disk yourself. Or you can contact HP to order restore media.

Now a days it is up to the customer to create backup disks for the purposes of restoring the PC to “out of the box” condition. HP is no different and does come with that ability.

Sounds like a good box, but Windows 8 is a deal breaker.

Then you have obviously not tried Windows 8… or you’re buying into all the hype. Just get start8, and it’ll look just like your precious Windows 7 setup again, only faster.

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