HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM

Even after offering a version of this computer every other hour during the Woot-off there are still more to toss out here?!?

Thats 4min. of my life I wont be getting back.

Um, yeah. Who “unboxes” a desktop computer? “Oh look, the case is kind of shiny, and wow it has usb ports.”

I purchased one of these when they were on sale as a side deal last week. I installed a 450W power supply and ATI 7790 and it’s a pretty solid middle of the road gaming rig now. I run Bioshock Infinite on Medium settings without any noticeable slow downs or problems. $450 for the machine + $200 in upgrades = not a bad price.

Only detractor is windows 8. It is awful. Hopefully 8.1 fixes the absolute garbage UI.

Blah. AMD…pass. When can we get some Intel referbs.

using this as a media PC, watching streaming video and minor picture and video editing, is this good for that? i plan on running it directly to my TV…i’m not a professional editor, but I can do what I want for my personal videos and pics…

This AMD chip is not for any modern game:

Windows 8 is the worst os ever I’m going to buy a mac for my next computer

Can I get a $50 rebate or should I purchase this one?


There always seems to be a deal breaker!

Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

This was an excellent writeup. We must all be reminded of Platonic ideals when shopping on Woot.

Funny how two people can have such strong, but opposite, views based on a set of the same facts. Here are mine:

  • Windows 8 is faster than any other Windows yet.
  • My old quad core boots in 8 seconds flat after POST.
  • Win8 Pro cost me $39
  • Win8 installs faster than any other desktop OS
  • Win8 runs all of my Windows programs, even those that I wrote myself back in the Win98 days.
  • Don’t like the tiles? A 2 min download/install give you a choice of “Start” style menus.

I also run Ubuntu and OSX. Love Ubuntu, Win8 is better overall.

If you want limited functionality and a restrictive environment that borders on totalitarianism, go Mac. Otherwise, Win8 is your best bet.

I bought one of these on Tuesday`s woot off…It just arrived(on Friday)…and I am unpacking it now…4 days from purchase to delivery…GREAT SERVICE woot!

That’s awesome! Enjoy your weekend and your new computer. :slight_smile:

couple that with ebates and get another $4.50 off…

None of that does you any good if you have no idea where Microsoft moved all the functions and folders.

That’s why I included:

“Don’t like the tiles? A 2 min download/install give you a choice of “Start” style menus.”

There are several free add-ons to Win8 that give you the menus and folders back. I have mine setup to look like the old WinXP “Start” menus. Everything else looks like Win7, only better.

Thanks…I HOPE to do just that!

I work at a technology “big Box” store and I know for a fact that many pcs have been taken back as returns just because the purchaser didnt like,or didnt want to learn Windows 8...Almost all of these machines had absolutely nothing wrong with them and were only accepted as returns to satisfy customers who didnt like Windows 8…Most of the machines offered here on woot…probably fall into that category.