HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM

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**Item: **HP ENVY Six-Core Desktop w/ 10GB RAM
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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It’s a good computer ( HP ENVY H8-1534 Desktop, AMD FX-6200 Hexa-Core 3.8GHz, 10GB DDR3, 1.5TB SATA, USB 3.0, Eyefinity Radeon HD 7570, 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, Win 8 ) slightly different model from this one for $469.99. This is a new computer even thou it’s being sold as refurbished.

HP customer service is useless, Wifi card crapped out, Wifi connection was verified good with 3 other Wifi devices. HP blamed it on the internet provider (denied repair) even thou the service was tested good. Idiots, get the SquareTrade warranty for piece of mind and use promo code 1NX34M7F000 for 30% off.

Overall very happy with purchase even thou I provided a replacement Wifi card.

TONS of solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

Got almost this exact computer back in Jan. ( only difference I can tell is this has Bluetooth 4 vs 3 and Win 8 vs win 7).
Great computer for me, although I had a problem with the processor right bout of the box. HP service was a little bit of a pain at first, as they were trying to make sure I wasn’t an i-d-i-o-t (try rebooting/reinstalling software, jiggling cords, blowing into disk drive (old Nintendo trick))… But eventually said it was probably not going to get fixed over the phone and that I needed to send it in. From that point forward, they were ridiculously awesome. Sent me a box to mail it to them for free… Kept me in the loop completely through the whole process… I would say maybe 6-7 days after I sent it to them they identified the problem… Processor… And gave me an upgraded processor and new motherboard. I had it back 2 day later. The sent me emails every step of The process, so I knew everything going on. I practically knew what toilet paper they were using on their potty breaks.
Anyway, I’m super happy now and this sucker is fast. I use it for video editing and playing around. I’m not a gamer, but I would imagine it would handle a decent load.
Get it now. You WON’T be sorry, eventually. (After you get any bugs worked out).

The Specs make this computer a nice budget heavyweight, even for gamers, and not a bad option at all for forward-thinking folks.

The Operating systems and HP’s typical bevy of bloatware means it won’t run as fast as it could out of the box.

Honestly, if you need a new desktop for resource hungry applications or a nice media server, I’d go for it.

Pretty sure I got this exact PC awhile back during a mini-event here on Woot! I’m just going to put it out there that Windows 8 sucks and I hate it to death. I did downgrade to Windows 7 eventually.

As for the specs, if you’re planning to upgrade this PC into a gaming PC, DON’T DO IT! Save yourself a headache and just build one from scratch. I spent a lot more replacing the parts I needed because of incompatibility than I would’ve if I would’ve bought all my parts from scratch and built it. For example, the motherboard only supports a 4 slot PCI for power to the graphics card which isn’t enough for decent to high gaming graphics. And on the graphics card on here I only got about 5-15 Frames per second on Tera on LOWEST settings. The graphics card on here is sorta wimpy in my opinion. So in that sense, you would need to replace the motherboard AND graphics card if you were planning to game with decent to high graphics on this PC, not to mention the power supply as 300 watts isn’t going to cut it for higher end graphic cards.

Another strange thing is that the motherboard’s mounted fan with the processor is strangely more designed for Intel processors than AMD processors (the holes for the screws of the mounted fan are in a different shape) so you need to replace that too, but that doesn’t cost as much, but still, take my word for it and build a gaming PC from scratch rather than trying to upgrade this thing. It will not get you what you want out of a PC gaming experience.

But I mean, for internet browsing and listening to music… I guess it’s a good casual PC.

What he said. Bought one of these HPs in the last PC roundup and they are not upgrade friendly.

In the specs you will notice a lot of hardware slots listed as occupied. That’s code for “No hardware mounting provisions whatsoever”. Literally. I had to get velcro tape to mount another HDD onto the frame. Sounds redneck, but it works and was realistically my only option with the space provided.

If the 300w PSU is like the one from my purchase, there’s only two free SATA plugs and barely enough cable to get to whatever you’re plugging in to, if that. It’s really a sad affair. On that note, if you’re upgrading to a full-up graphics card, the PSU probably won’t have a 6 pin power plug. You will need a SATA power adapter of some sort and 300w might not be enough depending on the card and remember, you only have two plugs anyway. Likewise, the HP BIOS doesn’t seem to like graphics cards; my GFX650 for example. Unless you switch to Legacy boot mode in the BIOS, you may very well get a blank screen. Don’t know if a BIOS update will fix this.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great office beater with upper end horse power for HD video tasks. But if you’re buying it as an upgrade platform, you have your work cut out for you. My final upgrades were importing another 1TB HDD, a GFX650 and an old Antec PSU with plenty of cable runs. Win8 does kinda suck compared to Win7 honestly, but it’s not irredeemable. You just have to work around a lot of graphical kludge to work under the hood of the OS… And I hate how native media support monopolizes UI focus.

If you’re looking for a gaming computer, look elsewhere. The specs on this computer make it great for home or office multitasking, especially with applications that utilize multiple cores and lots of memory. As others have pointed out the graphics card disappoints and is included for all intensive purposes to supply this computer, and the AMD 970 chipset based motherboard (which lacks onboard graphics) with something to output video. That being said, the card will support up to two displays, handy for office work, and Win 8 will allocate 4GB of memory for graphics for this purpose. Basically don’t be surprised when you boot it up and find 3GB of system memory already in use. Upgrading the graphics card is pretty much out of the question due to the power supply but you could squeeze in an 8-core processor (up to the 8150) and more memory if so desired. Again, this is a solid value for the home, home office or office…gamers seek solace elsewhere.

I highly suggest checking out Stardock’s Start 8 software ($5,) it will totally change your opinion of Win 8, at least it did so for me.

I need some advice on which one to buy.

This one (the HP Evny 6 core) or the HP Pavilion 4 core. It looks like they are almost the same but there is a $100 difference.

I’m shopping for a birthday. The person that I’m shopping for uses the computer for selling on eBay which means she uploads pictures, edits them, creates listings, and prints shipping labels. The only other things she uses the computer for is Facebook and iTunes. She’s not a gamer and never will be.

I want to buy enough that it will last her awhile but I don’t want to overspend on stuff she’ll never need either.

This is what she is currently using. It is pretty slow when uploading photos from the camera, editing photos, and syncing her iPhone.

HP Compaq dc5800(KA429UT) Desktop PC Pentium dual-core E2200(2.20GHz) 2GB DDR2 80GB HDD Capacity Intel GMA 3100 Windows XP Professional

Any suggestions?


Caution! We got this computer, it ran like a dream until the sleep mode came on while my wife was cooking a lasagne for family and friends this weekend. It could not be booted back up to the monitor unless the cable was disconnected and reconnected when we came back to it. After 3x of doing that, it wouldn’t work at all and it’s not the monitor. We have a different computer working off it now…

My wife spent more than 4 hours on the phone with HP India. Good tech but a language barrier. He remote accessed it, changed the settings but left a sleep mode to make sure he fixed it. Dead as a doornail! No more disconnecting the monitor cable, that wouldn’t werk anymore.

Get a longer warranty and be prepared for immediate, possible problems.

They’re sending a box for the computer and it was going to take 2-3 weeks. The wife mentioned contacting an agency to complain so they wanted $50 to overnight the empty box. It was finally waved after I spoke to a supervisor.

Apparently HP does not fix the problem on these all the time, the reason for so many refurbs. I will never purchase an HP return or HP new ever again. The quality has gotten worse w/ every computer we’ve purchased over 15 years, we should have known better!

The few hours of use we had was amazing.

It’s not worth the stress of over 4 hours of outsourced tech support.

Boo HP and every other company that outsources, taking away jobs from Americans! The language barrier doesn’t help get the problem corrected either.

If you want to know the outcome, send me a W000T forum message.

candreae mentioned support for two monitors…

…would this be a software function or adding another video card?? or what???

Will this support dual (or 3) monitors out of the box???

thank you

I hope our fix goes as well. The return box should be here Tues morn.

These refurbs appear to be formatted and restored without addressing any hardware problems.

You’re right about the extra warranty. I’m going to ask them to cover.us for a year after the repairs. We’ll see what they have to say. We loved the computer, for 4 stinking hours.

I bought this exact same computer from Woot about 6 weeks ago…I couldnt be happier with it.It runs PERFECTLY and is VERY fast and Quiet...(two of the things I demand from a pc)...I work in a technology big box store and can tell you from experience that many,not all,but many of the "refurbished" pcs on the market right now are the result of stores,like mine,having to take back machines purchased by people who didnt realize they were running Windows 8 and didnt want to take the time to learn Windows 8.My machine arrived with the protective plastic still on all the glossy black parts…so Im sure it had been used very little,if at all.It runs like a champ EVERYDAY and has never hiccupped even once...and mine wakes from sleep mode perfectly,unlike the problem the one poster was having.I do not play pc games ,so I dont know how it would do on them,but I am sure it would play most of them just fine.As I say,I am perfectly happy with my pc purchase!

I agree,I purchased Start 8 and am using it on my HP-H81414.and I do like it.However,HP offers a FREE version(theirs is called HP quicklaunch) for download on their website which looks and does virtually the same thing as Start8

Walked out of Best Buy yesterday with the same model. It was an open box item with about a $200 markdown. I thought I was getting a pretty good deal until I saw that Woot’s sale was even cheaper. Way to go Woot on the great sales!

The main difference between these two machines,other than the processor and ram,is the $350 machine has integrated (built into the motherboard) graphics card,whereas the H*-1414 has a separate and more powerful(discrete) graphics card.Since the person you are shopping for does photo work,the H8-1414 would be a far superior machine for her…However,either machine will be a vast improvement over what she is now using.Be sure to inform her about the “HP quicklaunch” download that will restore the start button and start menu for her to ease her transistion to Windows 8 which is very much different than the Windows XP she is used to…Hope this helps with your decision.

Two things keep me from buying this computer. One is the 3 month warranty and the other is Windows 8. I don’t expect them to have a year’s warranty like Apple does on their “Recondition”, but maybe at least 6 months. Seems if they thought their “Reconditioning” job was so great, they would warrant it for longer than 3 months. It alsmost sounds like a lack of confidence.