HP ENVY TE01-3197c (Intel i7 GTX 1660)

HP ENVY TE01-3197c (Intel i7 GTX 1660)

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Every time I see this computer featured, my first reaction is, “Wow, why is that air mattress so expensive!?”


It’s a phone case too.


It could be worse. Some other computer was mistaken for a trash can.


I don’t understand why HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc. put all the high-speed USB ports on the front, with the back having only USB 2.0 ports. I don’t want all of my external drives plugged into the front! UGH.

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With USB charging built in.

I couldn’t build it for that price, so… It’s not a bad deal. Add a 4TB storage drive and you have a decent computer. The only questions I have are about non-standard parts. The 400w power supply should probably be upgraded as well.

You can buy those little chrome port covers for your PCI slots, with internal USB type-a jacks, and plug them into the mainboard USB-3 ports instead of the front port wires.

But also, you may have found their “distressed element”, that accounts for clearing inventory of this item. (But maybe not…). Woots often have a distressing factor. Could be refurb or open box or model closeout. But can also be some silly factor that keeps many customers from buying the item (like an overpriced pink electric drill).

Good sytstem for the price, almost identical to my current rig, minus the 1k ps, and 1660ti. Mine is still listing for around $1200, so I’d grab one of these if I didn’t already have mine. My biggest concern would be the power supply when you decide to upgrade video card.

Hard to follow the logic here.

Indeed, that may be the limiting aspect as the power supply is a proprietary 12VO design.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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Is it possible to bring this down to Windows 10 Pro?

This will have to be a question for HP. From what I know, OEM Home editions typically do NOT include downgrade rights and a separate license will have be purchased.

(All the computers at my work must be Pro to join the domain, hence a lack of experience with Home. Also note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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That’s going to be a real problem. The PSU is insanely proprietary, including on the motherboard end. Here’s a photo of the motherboard in this system.



I bought an almost identical system a couple of years ago for my son (i7 10700F) from Woot and its been a good machine. The biggest drawback is that there isn’t any way to do a meaningful graphics card upgrade due to the the form factor and power supply. You also can’t re-house the internals because it uses a proprietary motherboard. That said, it’s a good price for that configuration and should be more than usable for most people and would even be a decent 1080p gaming PC providing you don’t max out settings.