HP ENVY x2 12" Full-HD Detachable Tablet

HP ENVY x2 12" Full-HD Detachable Tablet

Win 10 Pro S no longer supported.

Not exactly. It’s more that they’re rebranding it and adding the feature to all versions of Windows.


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Is this considered “unlocked”? I would assume so?

What do you mean by “unlocked”?

When I asked AT&T if this would work on their network, they said “As long as it’s unlocked, it will work”. I’m assuming(once again) that it’s similar to a cell phone being unlocked, so it can work on any LTE network.

The product manual does not indicate that these are carrier-locked. You would just need a carrier that can provide you with a nano-SIM.

There’s also this comment over at the mothership:


Thank you!