HP ENVY X360 13.3" i7 Convertible Touch Laptop

Possibly nice machine. Disappointing that HP has so little confidence in their refurb process that they won’t provide a full one-year warranty like Apple does. $140 for an extra 9 months? Sorry; no thanks.

Got one of these a few months ago. It is FAST, seems much faster than my wife’s 2-in-1 XPS from Dell. Yes, it’s a 1tb drive.

Battery could be longer and screen is SUPER reflective.

The other issues are standard beefs with W10 and the fact that many apps are still not fully compatible with a QHD screen.

No optical media reader/writer?

10/100?? No gigabit?! That is unbelievable.

Yeah and No 5.25" floppy drive kills it for me.

Come on… This has Wifi. Ethernet ports are going the way of the dodo bird on ultra portable notebooks. For those very few users still needing to plug in, you can just get a $15 USB to Ethernet dongle from the mothership. I would hardly let the lack of an Ethernet port determine your buying decision for an ultra portable notebook. Pretty soon, if you need a media drive or Ethernet port you’ll need to get a delorean and drive 88mph.

Does it really weigh nearly 5lbs? And is the WIFI card really as bad as people say?