HP ENVY X360 13.3" i7 Convertible Touch Laptop

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This looks a little too good to be truth. And I cannot find reviews on this y000 one. I kind of need to decide before it sells out if this is the one or a Dell XPS 13 with lower specs :frowning: Can anyone out there come up with some suggestions? Thank you! <3

the 1TB SSD PCIe NVMe is an option so could be the real deal! Most likely a SAMSUNG 960 EVO drive.

Given that there is a 90d HP warranty, is it correct to assume this was refurb by HP?

What is Woot return policy on this?

Hi there. It’s factory reconditioned.

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

Our return policy is linked in my signature.

It exists

Nice specs, but in the end, it’s a non-upgradeable disposable machine: non-user replaceable battery, soldered-on RAM, CPU, SOC video, etc… Everything’s on the system board, which apparently IS replaceable (see the service manual for authorized service personnel only), and in all honesty, the hard drive & battery are service-depot replaceable, which is better than with most “thin & light” machines nowadays.

Still, replacing the battery DOES look easy (remove the bottom cover & the battery’s right there), usually being the 1st thing that needs replacement.

And , on the side, TT seems to be correct: the “1-TB, 2280, PCIe, 3×4, NVMe, solid-state drive supporting TLC DS 865697-002” IS a LISTED solid state drive option in the factory authorized service guide.

Does anyone know if the display supports an active stylus/pen?

The Envy line does not support an active stylus.

This is almost worth it for the 1TB NVMe drive alone. Overall looks like a capable machine.

Guys i need help, should i do it? Is the pen support of the Spectre line worth it?

Also is the envy line that much worse of build quality than the spectre? or another brand like the dell xps 13?

It turns out that it actually does come with the 1TB NVMe.

However, the touchpad, windows 10, and the HP support software are all pretty buggy. HP wants to replace the machine to fix the touchpad; we will see how that goes.