HP ENVY x360 15.6" Convertible Laptop

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HP ENVY x360 15.6" Convertible Laptop
Price: $649.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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HP ENVY 15-U011DX X360 Product Support

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Time to check out the product page for the processor

Am I correct in assuming that the keyboard is automatically disabled when the laptop is folded into tablet mode?

i7, 8GB, 1080p, touch… and of course, in HP manner, a craptastic harddrive. Looks like a decent setup for the price. I’d replace the HD with one of my SSDs. Could any current owners comment on battery life?


Just by looking at it in it’s tablet position it screams “not child friendly”. I can see my 11 yr old accidentally closing it the wrong way. Good bye hinges.

I don’t see a problem. It folds flat in both directions as far as I can tell.

You are correct!

CPU Benchmark

Woah woah woah WOOT, Omaha is not the Gateway to the West, that is St. Louis!

Its got a 3-Cell battery with an i7 core + spindle hard drive. Meaning you got about 30 minutes disconnected from the wall if your lucky.

Calling this thing a “tablet” convertable is also laughable with it weighing a whopping 5.29lbs!

I have this laptop or a similar one, and it disables the keyboard when in tablet mode. I like the computer, and the OS is slowly growing on me.

I went ahead and watched the review and the demo showed the different ways to use it. Yes it can be folded flat into a tablet position. That’s good to know. Clever design.

Mixed impressions, here at notebookcheck, particularly the “clearly visible contact grid of the touchscreen”: www.notebookcheck.net/HP-Envy-x360-15t-Touch-Convertible-Review.125162.0.html

Nope, I guess actually you’d get far more than 30 min, even it’s an i7: http://www.notebookcheck.net/HP-Envy-x360-15t-Touch-Convertible-Review.125162.0.html
i7-4510U has only 2 cores.

Not a bad deal at all money wise, but $649.00 and only a 90 day warranty? Umm, no thanks. The HP refurbs our company has purchased all come with a “same as new” warranty.

Mrs. Loaba wants something like this and the specs seem to be okay. She’s not a gamer, so the middling onboard GPU isn’t a concern.

What is giving me pause is the HDD situation. Can anyone confirm if this this is in fact rocking a 160gb SSD AND the (slow) 1tb HDD?

If it’s got both drives, then I’m in for one.

Edit: upon further review, looks like all you get is the one HDD. Sorry, woot - no dice. 5400rpm HDD, no matter the size, is a deal breaker. 7200rmp is my minimum on mechanical drives.

SSDs are cheap now - you can find 1TB ones for $400.

The only thing keeping me from getting this is the lack of a dedicated graphics card.

So close!