HP ENVY x360 15" 750GB SATA Touch Laptop

Just received this and I have to say that of all the laptops available on W00t right now I think this is the one to beat. It’s way sleeker than the pictures appear, and the HD touchscreen w/ IPS is fantastic…I read a lot of reviews that faulted HP for their low-res, poor screens, and I think it’s great the company listened and upgraded…this is an incredible screen. I personally don’t like touchpads but as far as 'pads go, I guess this one is okay (I’ve ordered a bt mouse). Keyboard feels really good. Win 8.1 seems stable and easy to figure out coming from Win 7…I especially like some of the control panel changes. A SSD would be nice but not essential for what my son is using it for–Minecraft, music, YouTube, etc. Extremely happy I chose this rig and recommend it wholeheartedly, mainly for the excellent FHD touchscreen, 8GB RAM, and i5 processor (very speedy and doesn’t get hot at all). Seriously consider this, especially if it’s for a kid’s first laptop. The B&O sound is very good too.