HP ENVY x360 15" AMD FX Convertible Laptop

This is actually an impressive setup for the price point. graphics are going to be somewhere in line with intel iris (aka, a cut above regular intel hd graphics in laptops, but not quite as good as a 940m or midrange mobile dedicated gpu) so for “casual” or “retro” or even just playing older AAA titles from 2010 and earlier/ or free to play games (typically tend to be optimized for a wider range of computer setups) this would work great.

the cpu might be a bit weaker compared to a recent i3/i5, but finding an 5th/6th/7th gen i3/i5 this feature packed at this price would be a miracle. full hd IPS screen. 8gb ddr4. 802.11ac wifi and bluetooth. touchscreen convertible. AND keyboard backlit.

I’m honestly suprised, but the older hp pavilion 12/13 inch X360’s with core-m got down to 300-range making them an equally good deal before. this takes the cake for light gaming and student work though.

Received mine in just a couple of days, well ahead of estimated delivery date. Watched for several weeks, constantly comparing against everything else coming and going on Woot during that time, finally had to pull the trigger worried that it wouldn’t be still available tomorrow…Looks brand new, very impressed. Reminds me of my son’s MacBook pro in terms of feel and quality. Solid metal feel, yet thin and lightweight. Fast hard drive, beautiful bright display. Nice keyboard and touchpad. Battery life looks like it should go 5-6 hours without too much fuss or power saving measures. Very impressed at this price point!!!