HP ENVY x360 15" AMD FX Convertible Laptop

To anyone thinking about buying this laptop.

There will be signs of use. Mine was like-new, except it had a dent in a strip of metal running along the top of the laptop. Pretty minor and unnoticeable unless you look close.

The FX processor is okay. Performs like a low-voltage i5, similar to a i5-7200U. As for gaming performance, it’s pretty much nonexistent. HP gimped this chip by pairing it with single-channel 1866MHz RAM. Can’t upgrade - not only is the laptop a b*tch to open, but there’s only one ram slot and the BIOS limits the RAM speed to 1866MHz. AMD APUs rely heavily on on-board RAM - you can more than double the performance by pairing the FX chip with dual-channel, 2400MHz RAM. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-k44EV5fM4

The fan is semi-loud and runs all the time, unless you put it to powersaver mode. The powersaver mode is fast enough for light tasks so I prefer this when in public.

Finally, build quality is good. You can’t get an all-metal, slim design like this for under $600 so this is still a good deal.