HP ENVY x360 15" AMD R5 FHD Convertible Laptop

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HP ENVY x360 15" AMD R5 FHD Convertible Laptop
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Anyone have the reliability aspect for these x360 Ryzen models?

Reliability is hard to determine because the chips are too new. My son has a desktop machine he uses for VR that uses a Ryzen CPU and it does quite well. The CPU in this model is comparable to i5-7300u, but the graphics is definitely stronger on the Ryzen. Here is a good article that both reviews it and even tell you how to open it up and install an SSD- BUT that is for the Z model, so I’m not sure that this model would have an M.2, but disassembly should be the same to replace the HDD. https://hothardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-5-2500u-benchmarks-revisited-hp-envy-x360-ssd-update

Once again Hp engineering at its finest. Let’s put together a cool convertible laptop, Full HD, touchscreen, 8GB RAM, good Ryzen processor, nice array of ports-YET HP puts a HDD in it instead of an SSD…WHY!!!
7200 2.5" 1TB drive is about $60-70, while a 240GB SSD is in that same price range. It doesn’t make sense, because the HDD creates a big performance bottleneck.

I believe this has an open M.2 slot so you could take advantage of that.

Perhaps they have a warehouse full of HDDs?

If one is handy with tools and can follow a youtube video… you could install a solid state drive into the open M2 slot… clone OS from HDD to SDD? And upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

Does this sound reasonable?

I’ve come to the conclusion that manufacturers are purposely crippling laptops with i3 and i5 level processors with platters so they can force the general public into buying higher end machines to get a SSD. It’s the same reason that they are still using non FHD displays and non gigabit ethernet ports. It’s ridiculous that you can get 150 dollar unsubsidized cell phones with full HD but most 500 dollar i3 laptops will only have 1360x768 resolutions, 100 mb ethernet ports and a spinning HD.

I don’t know the exact situation is with the M2 slot on this machine but you definitely can replace the HDD with a SSD. As for cloning there is no reason to. Too many headaches doing that unless you buy a 1TB SSD. I’d just turn on the machine and go through set up and activation. Once done with that I’d make an installation usb for windows 10 (google it), replace the drive and do a fresh install. Did this for the 13 inch i3 version of this laptop earlier this week and no problems whats so ever. I even updated it to pro once I got the SSD up and running. It costs 99 bucks through the Microsoft store. Just install the home version of 10 on the SSD and get that working first. Don’t install 10 Pro initially. You also should install the HP support program from the HP website and it will find all the driver updates you need. It took all of 60 minutes to do everything and you get rid of all the bloat.

Out of curiosity. Is this laptop good for video editing? And it seems like from previous comments I can upgrade the Hard Drive along with the RAM. I’m looking to video edit feature length films.

Does this model have a backlit keyboard?

More than likely but I wouldn’t swear by it. The F5 key shows the illuminated keyboard switch icon.

It does, according to this Notebookcheck review (https://www.notebookcheck.net/HP-Envy-x360-15-Ryzen-5-2500U-Radeon-Vega-8-Laptop-Review.266614.0.html#toc-input-devices).

While this machine is tempting, despite the lack of an SSD, that review scares me off, especially the system performance section (https://www.notebookcheck.net/HP-Envy-x360-15-Ryzen-5-2500U-Radeon-Vega-8-Laptop-Review.266614.0.html#toc-performance):

Yes, per the specs:

Keyboard: Full-size island-style backlit keyboard with numeric keypad

This is HP’s M.O. !!
They always…And I do Mean ALWAYS,…manage to put in a component that will make their products run slower !!!
It’s HP’s biggest fault since I can remember !!

I was looking at this exact laptop last night at Best buy, where it is currently on sale for $650. I decided to bite. If you are curious, I also ordered a 275gb M2 SSD, 8gb of Ram and Stylus to go with it.

there is indeed an M.2 right next to the RAM slots that takes PCIE or NVME drives (not sure if it supports sata M.2). i wouldn’t bother cloning. windows 10 license keys are bound to the motherboard so just download the media tool and install it to a usb stick, pop in your m.2 and do a clean install. when it asks for the key, there’s a button near the bottom that says “i don’t have a key” click this and it will just use the key bound to the board.