HP Envy x360 15" AMD Ryzen Convertible Laptop

HP Envy x360 15" AMD Ryzen Convertible Laptop

so what do people think about this deal? is this HP worth buying?

Oh, I don’t know. It weighs 5 pounds so it isn’t exactly light. I bought a couple of 11.6" HP convertible notebooks and they are kinda heavy for a tablet. Plus, maybe it’s just me but I “feel funny” mashing the keys on the bottom just to hold it when it is folded into a tablet. But the price seems right on this deal. Now that I have said that, minions are going to show up and prove me wrong.


Does anyone know the answers to the following:

  1. Is the memory upgrade-able?
  2. Can the SSD be upgraded?
  3. Does the USB-C port support USB-C Docks?

I bought this laptop from Woot on 2/23/2018. This seems to be an updated revision. The difference is that mine had a 1TB HDD, this one has an M.2 SSD instead and is slightly cheaper, same processor, same RAM. The RAM on my laptop can be upgraded. This laptop has a free 2.5 drive bay available where you can install another 2.5 SSD or a 2.5 HDD for additional storage.

If you upgrade this laptop with an M.2 drive, reinstalling windows is easy, no Key required since it is embedded in the laptop hardware. With the SSD that this deal comes with, it should be decently fast.

The AMD Ryzen mobile processor is amazing. 4 cores, 8 threads, good graphics. Graphics are decent for some 720p gaming, which is not bad on a laptop screen. Battery life is decent for the performance I get, it never freezes even when I have a lot of programs open.

If you are in the market for a ~700 laptop, this $500 deal is not bad. For work or school it should be a blast. I have Visual Studio 2017 installed on it and programming on this laptop is a great.

  1. Yes
  2. SSD is using an M.2 slot. You will have to replace it. It has a 2.5 drive bay available for another SSD.
  3. It should support docks. I can not confirm it but as long as the dock is not designed for Thunderbolt and only for USB-C, it should be fine.

Mr Mojo Ryzen

I’d be really interested if this was in the 11.5-13 inch range. I just don’t understand the purpose of a 15.6 inch convertible that weighs 5 pounds. At that size you’re hardly ever going to use it in any position other than laptop.

I noticed the word “backlit” disappeared from the keyboard description. Is the keyboard backlit?
Edit: nevermind it is in there.