HP ENVY x360 15" Intel i7 Full-HD Touch Laptop

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HP ENVY x360 15" Intel i7 Full-HD Touch Laptop
Price: $599.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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9/9/2016 - $599.99 (Woot Plus)

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Anybody know how the RAM is configured in this thing? 12gb always confuses me.

And it seems a shame to build piece of tech with components this high end and then stick a spinning drive in it - but that ain’t Woot’s fault.

Totally agree, basically anything over $300 should have an SSD, IMO. And with those specs at least a 256 GB if not 512 GB SSD.

[QUOTE=VeeRay, post:4, topic:619335]
Anybody know how the RAM is configured in this thing? 12gb always confuses me.

It doesn’t matter all that much…it’s an HP product, which means that one day you’ll hit the power button and nothing will happen…at least that’s been my experience.

Can someone verify that this has an Intel i7 cpu? The hp specs for that model say it’s an i5.


Update: Woot said it is indeed an i7 and the model number is wrong.

Concerning HP systems: I’m composing this message on this machine:


…and it’s been great! Of course, I installed Linux on it without even booting Win10 - icky-poo!

RAM is 1 x 8GB, 1 x 4GB.

Specs are correct, the model number was off. The sale has been updated to reflect the correct model.

Eew, Win10.

Eew, Intel graphics.

Otherwise, not bad.

Is there space to add an SSD in here without removing the HDD?

High-end Intel graphics. Comparable to the GT 650m in my current machine, better than the current low-end Nvidia GPUs.

For all you hp laptop haters there is a trick that allows you to bring back the device as new with a reload of windows. MY wife must of screwed up her pw and could not get in her laptop that was purchased without any disks and no backups or anything were done on the system. Finally after hunting around on the net found a vid that refreshed everything and we could set up a new pw.

Thanks for telling us the trick, not.

If it only had a fingerprint reader.After having one, it’s hard to do without.

The trick is to hold down on the f11 key do not tap it repeatedly as you boot up the laptop. Remember do this from a boot while holding the f11 key. You will be given options as to what you want to do. This works for most hp laptops.

What do u do when the reader fails ? It happened to me on a desktop !

We bought one of these in January 2015 and by the fall, it wouldn’t charge the battery. Took it to a shop and they said nothing was wrong. We have done every bios update, driver update, etc. to no avail. I haven’t tried replacing the battery because they’re pricey.
This fancy convertible laptop is now stuck on a desk, unable to be used unless plugged in.

Here is a link to the HP diagnostic utility tool. It allows you to check all component status and even the battery. We use it at my company.


Type in the password like those dirty plebians.

…and then wash your hands.