HP ENVY X360 15M-DR1012DX Laptop

HP ENVY X360 15M-DR1012DX Laptop

Anyone know which version of the Iris Plus this is?

Sorry. Intel no longer states specific versions of their integrated graphics. They’re simply Intel Iris Pro or Intel UHD graphics.

Thank you!

I think the Woot specs must be wrong regarding the graphics. The Intel Core i7-10510U has UHD graphics…it doesn’t have Iris Plus AFAIK. You have to go with the “G” series to get Iris Plus. Here’s Intel’s specs for that processor: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/196449/intel-core-i7-10510u-processor-8m-cache-up-to-4-90-ghz.html

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The listing appears to be correct per the specs provided by HP: