HP Hexa-Core Desktop



Hexa is a lot, right?


If you want to game on it, replace the video card, and you probably want a new power supply depending on the power of the new graphics card you buy, but otherwise, this seems like a pretty solid deal.

EDIT: Processor benchmark: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=AMD+FX-6120+Six-Core

Graphics benchmark: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Radeon+HD+7450




tempting … very tempting … but NO!!! just because it is an HP!!! I bought one of these about a month ago and returned it to woot for a full refund (thank you guys!). Problem is not the hardware, but the software. It comes with so much bloatware, it is almost impossible to start or shutdown the computer without the blue screen of death!!! If you have a your own copy of an OS software (windows, linux etc) and can install a clear OS without the garbage this machine comes with, then go for it … it has decent hardware … I personally like AMD processors over intel … you have real eight or real six core … not that hyper threading BS! However, I dont want to pay additional money for a clean copy of an OS.


http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Radeon+HD+7450 What part of NO dont you understand?


You can download a copy of the OS to put on a bootable USB drive, or burn to a DVD-ROM to format the drive, and re-install Windows to completely clean off the BS.

On the other hand, another way is to use PC Decrapafier. ( http://pcdecrapifier.com/ )

It helps you clean it off in a snap.

Also, if you do the format and re-install thing, your Windows Product Key should be on the side, or back of your computer case somewhere.

Looks a lot like this:


When you say download the OS you mean Windows 7 and ‘legally’? If so, from where?

(I know you have the key for the machine to reinstall but I didn’t know you could legally download a copy of Win 7…)


Well, there are those of us who work and operate in this world, and its easy for us to do this. But not for the regular consumer (legit, anyway). Most of us have MSDN subscriptions and things like that to handle this. It’s not as easy as he says, no.

And as far as a pass due to the video card, that’s the only weak part of this system, and it’s not as bad as embedded graphics sold with most sub-$500 systems. So not a bad deal one bit.


I mean you legally own the product, so downloading an .iso for repair and reinstall is legal. Some .iso download links can be found here.


so what’s the community consensus on the hexa ?core?


You can use the free program “PC Decrapifier” to get rid of the crapware. It’s easy - and you might want to keep a few things, like all the HP tool and monitoring programs, at least at first. You can choose just which crapware to remove. Free program:



To those with concerns about bloatware, yes, you can download an ISO of whatever version of Windows 7 you want, directly from Microsoft. Just use the product key on the Windows sticker on the side of the computer. I bought an HP from Best Buy a few months ago and immediately used a search engine to find out how to do this. It’s easy, just look it up.


The big problem with the 6100/6120, is that for you to get good performance out of this cpu, you have to be able to take advantage of all six cores. If you’re not using a program that can’t utilize six cores, then the cpu doesn’t perform that great. That’s why in synthetic benchmarks like the passmark bench, which is essentially a best case scenario, it performs really well, but in real-world applications, it’s performance doesn’t match it’s passmark score.


I thought a Hexa was a curse an Italian person put on you.


Been looking for this! Thanks


The trick is resisting the temptation to “activate” anything that comes up during first boot. Get to the desktop - just keep clicking “cancel” - and then start uninstalling. Takes twenty or thirty minutes, but you’ll wind up with a clean system that still has all the drivers in place, eliminating the need for a visit to HP’s website to download them.

I’ve actually been considering offering this as a service to see if I can make a few bucks on the side. Would it be worth fifty bucks to have someone “decrapify” your new machine so you don’t have to deal with it yourself?


FYI- you may want to look at the motherboard specs if you are interested in overclocking the processor. I have an HP w/a quad-core processor that potentially could be unlocked to six cores and also overclocked, but I can’t do this b/c the bios has those functions locked out. This bios is by HP, not the manufacturer. The only way I can upgrade is either to do it w/a processor upgrade (the mobo will support a six-core chip) or replace the motherboard.


From what I understand, HP has made it almost impossible to install anything non-hp on any of their machines, so much so that a lot of times even their recovery discs won’t install. Save yourself dozens of hrs of work-arounds and buy something else.


Well then I would suggest you head on over to CNets Downlaods and get yourself a copy of CCLeaner:

Then use it’s to remove all the bloatware and run a registry clean until it finds nothing to remove. Since you will have the original restore points and the HP resotre process this would be an easy solution. I have done just this on all the HP products I have purchase both here ant Woot and elswhere.