HP Home Cinema Digital Projector



no xga and only 850 lumens, who are you kidding woot


Holy Crap Batman! I’ve been looking for one of these. I’m off to read reviews before I buy…


$1,349 on pc connection, not bad but not for me. gnight wooters



Averaging $750+ on Froogle. Nice Woot though for those who need it :slight_smile:

<3 Woot.com <3

sorry for double post


Froogle link

Ebay link

I won’t be getting one, but it seems like it’s a good price for the item. Assuming the item isn’t a piece of crap.


Shame on a nea who runs game on a nea.

The one time i stay up in like 5 months and they have something for $500 bones. Ain’t that my luck.


it’s 1000 at b&h


Just don’t need it. Want it! But just don’t see a place for it. It is a great price and the cheapest at Froogle is a REFURB at $798,
If you have the means and the need, YOU MUST BUY! THIS ONE IS NEW!!! WOW!

Froogle link


Any other info on it?


3 used & new available from $911.01 at Amazon


I heard the replacement bulbs for projectors like these cost as much as the unit itself…anyways…i heard some people set these up outside…either project it on a wall and sit in the grass…or project it onto the garage roll-up door and sit in the car-your own drive-in!


I have the infocus Screen Play 4805, does anyone know how the HP compares to it?


wow, in the event you were actually in the market for one of these, this appears to be a really good woot. google turned up $889 at overstock as cheap!


This is the first time I actually stayed up to watch the changing of the guard. Wow, talk about a bag of small crap to a big pile of crap!! Really it’s a personal thing. If I buy things such as this, I buy the best. Bags of crap, usb flashes, and HDD’s I can afford to be impulsive. Maybe some other week night when my wife has no clue that I’m beginning an affair with woot. Woot on my bretheren!!


WHAT IS GOING ON THIS BOARD! Are we paracticing doublespeak! Or worse, CENSORSHIP! Words were added to my post. Woot, let us air our opinions without any edits. Google is giving in to the chinese, don’t you join those COMMIE BUMS! FREE SPEECH IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR SOCIETY! BABBA BOOEY!


so no one has any reviews for it besides the froogle and that its a good deal?


This is about $800 elswhere but still too steep for me


How Funny I was Setting up My NEW Microtek CX6 Projector waiting for Midnight. I Paid $999 But Have 2000 Lumens and 1024x768 Native Res. and All of the connections COMPONENT & DVI

No Thanks

How 'Bout a WOOT OFF


I have only found one review of this in english which was singing its praises… i am very tempted… mostly i want to watch dvd’s and this is native dvd res… so … it’s a thought…

can anyone find reviews?