HP Inkjet Wireless e-All-in-One Printer

**Item: **HP Inkjet Wireless e-All-in-One Printer
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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Check out this “good” review on the Officejet over at pcmag.com

Some additional info on the Officejet can be found over at hp.com

Some additional info and good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) on the Deskjet can be found over at hp.com

Good reviews (3.2 out of 5.0) on the Deskjet over at amazon

I have experience with both of these and I’d recommend the deskjet over the officejet as long as you can do without the document feeder and the fax capability. The hinge on the officejet to access the inks is stiff and hesitant to open unless you use quite a bit of effort and two hands. It has a cheap feel to it and doesn’t seem like it was built to last. The deskjet is easier to open to access the inks and the interface on the LCD screen is also easier to use than the interface on the officejet. They both use the 564 ink cartridges which can be bought for less than $10 per cartridge. They both allow you to print wirelessly from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and eReaders. If you want something that will fax and has an ADF, go with the officejet 6600 or 6700 Premium. Those two are MUCH better than the 4620.

purchased one of these last time it was listed and it does not work, woot will not help me with returns, directed me to microsystems and no one there will get back with me :frowning: very disappointed

Can you tell me if you need a router or will these connect wirelessly to a hotspot? I am a cord cutter–don’t need to print much but wireless would be nice.

first reload of ink will cost as much as the printer… Just sayin’

Both of those get APPALLING reviews at Amazon. But they are at least SUPPOSED to print wirelessly…

I bought one on July 19th. The ink cartridge cradle was jammed out of the box. (printer looks like it was never refurbed at all.) HP won’t touch it because they didn’t refurb it and woot won’t answer my inquiries.

[MOD: CS received your email this morning and will respond to it today. Thanks for your patience.]

Several people have said that the ink cartridges can be bought for less than $10 per cartridge. That is not correct?

Buyer Beware with the 4620. Just read the reviews on Amazon complaining about constant jamming and misfeeds (most of them right out of the box), not to mention the difficulty with the “wireless” functionality. No thanks! I was going to jump on the deal last month when they sold the 4620 alone, but after reading the reviews I thankfully didn’t.

The 3520 might be a nice buy though, I still want something inexpensive to replace my failing Lexmark color inkjet.

Wow. Great price but I looked up reviews on Amazon and both rank poorly - main thing is frequent paper jams. Thanks, but no thanks for me.

See a lot of people saying there are bad reviews for this product.

I’ve never used these two, but when I was living with my grandparents I used their HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus, and I absolutely loved it. I could print wirelessly from my laptop any time I needed (after a quick installation from a CD, of course), and the quality was always good for what I was printing (flyers and essays, mostly).

I’m not sure how much the ink cost for the 8600, but it looks like no more than $30 a cartridge. I’m sure that these two printers’ cartridges don’t cost any more than that.

Bottom line? If the reviews are as bad as I’m seeing, skip this deal, save up a bit, get a better HP printer.

Can you print in just B&W. I have a printer that will ONLY let me print in color (some things just don’t need to be printed using color-a résumé for example) and I want to get one that let’s me print however I want. Thanks for the info!

So i have a printer (non-hp) that uses similar ink cartridges. My experience with those type of cartridges wasn’t the best.

If you don’t print everyday and only print on rare occasion i would pass. When i printed regularly it was fine, but then i stopped printing as often and the printer heads got ridiculously clogged that even doing several print head cleaning cycles failed.

I’ve tried most everything to get them to work and the blue and yellow are still clogged beyond belief.

Probably a silly question, but: Not all my computers are wi-fi capable. Does this have a USB port?


FWIW, A wooter posted this on the HP 4620 printer we sold recently.