HP Intel 250GB Small-Form Factor Desktops

I have bought several of these over the last year or so. Use them for Boy Scout leader training courses. At this price and swapping out an SSD for under $50, they perform really well. Too bad the Windows 10 free upgrade is over, but Win 7 is still viable.

In for one.

you must have gotten the only 7800. it is sold out already

Based on the sales stats listed, it looks like there were 101 for sale.

I got this on the last sale. I was all prepared to swap out with an SSD, but my purpose of using it solely as a seed box with an external drive has made the ssd upgrade completely unnecessary.

It’s an awesome little computer for exactly that. I am actually on it so little, I use my TV as the monitor.

Just another example of woot putting out an email at 308AM EST so only chinese resellers can buy a good deal and not Americans. Shame on woot. They played dumb when I complained about this. We dont ship overseas. Over heard of a freight forwarder?

I understand your frustration. Remember though that our product launch at midnight. You do not have to wait for the email to see what we’re selling.

We limit purchase quantity for this reason. We do not have insight into the relationship between different accounts.

Just to be clear, that’s midnight Central Time US, correct?

Care to share how you worked that out? I’ve been curious but haven’t seen enough detail in the stats to arrive at a total.

Has anyone purchased one of these SFF HP desktops and opened it up? The specs list two 3.5" drive bays. Is that the total number of bays, and if so how many are open?


Ah yes, those pesky time zones. Yes, midnight CT. :slight_smile:

There was WAY more than that available for purchase.

aw drat, missed it this time around. My wife thanks all you other wooters… but I don’t :wink: