HP Intel Dual-Core Slimline Desktop

**Item: **HP Intel Dual-Core Slimline Desktop
Price: $329.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Let’s check out the product page

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

doesn’t seem very relevant to this computer

Conan, thank you for the Best Buy link. It would appear as though one could buy a brand new (e.g, non-refurb) unit for just $40 more there. Isn’t the whole point of a refurb offer one of big savings? I must be missing something…

Pentium G-series is more or less an i3 without hyperthreading and slightly older Intel HD Graphics.

I’d agree about the comment on new vs refurb price, very puzzling as BB has 9 special promos still going on… confused stare

Definitely not a fan of consumer HP (or other) slimline PC’s. Compact size makes too many compromises.

Even if the starting specs are marginally acceptable, the upgradabilty is weak.

Worse yet, the odd form factor HP OEM slimline power supplies fail more often than full size. And that odd size means you spend $80 on a OEM replacement HP part or go with a 2nd-tier no-name cheapo aftermarket power supply. At least with a full size case there are lots of credible branded power supply choices at reasonable prices.

Wondering if “Beats Audio” is just a program or a set of drivers. Unless it includes hardware upgrades to the audio section on the motherboard, your audio quality will be limited. Computer audio used to be really crappy - compressed and distorted. In recent years with people using computers as sources of multimedia programming, it seems the audio hardware has improved somewhat. My computer still doesn’t sound as good as my iPhone though.

I use a slim model computer as a Home Theater computer and don’t find it lacking at all. I don’t plan on upgrading it, though (and don’t see a need to do so). Regular computer cases are simply too big for this purpose.

Audio from a PC has always been excellent, superior to what’s out there recently. In fact, manufacturers have now even eliminated the Audio Line Input Jack! You now have to purchase a separate sound card if you want to make your own audio recordings. Dude, get it right. Agreed, they weren’t quite Creative Labs quality, but it wasn’t ever a distortion or poor audio quality, just signal to noise ratio. Beats audio is just another gimmick that ONLY boosts bass. The “Beats” software actually drops the bass by 8 dB when you disable it so that when it IS activated it appears to sound better. And it is quite humorous to hear someone actually say their iPhone audio sounds better than their PC. THAT’S just laughable. A WAV or FLAC file will always sound better than a compressed AAC or MP3.

The initial difference between this Woot purchase and BestBuy when the shipping and warranty is taken into account is that BestBuy turns out to be $35 cheaper.

BB wants $370, free shipping, plus a full one year warranty. If purchased with an extended warranty credit card like all Amex or higher end Mastercard or Visa now you’ve got a 2 year warranty for the same price.

For a one year warranty from Square Trade, which the credit card companies will not double, plus Woot’s price of $335, the total is now $405 - for a refurbed machine.

If you want a 2 year Square Trade warranty add $27 more making the price $432 and the actual difference $62.

Plus, you’ve got at least 15 days to return the BB product, which you can’t do with Woot. This one is not a good deal.

[MOD: Thanks for your math. We’ve lowered the price to $299.]

Define “regular.” Full ATX, Mid, mini ATX, etc?

I’m wondering if a lot of people even understand what you’re talking about?

There was a time when it was standard procedure to crack open a case and add memory or some additional sound card, etc. but, today, is this still being done by a lot of people?

Does the average consumer even understand what a power supply is let alone how they could purchase one and replace it?

Just as there are computer users referred to as “gamers” there are also computer users who might be called “tinkerers” who understand that opening the computer case will not ruin it. But I wonder what the percentage is after 20 years of the PC becoming a commodity?

Okay, since there are a lot of people with very good educated comments on the components inside PCs that are repeatedly offered at woot, I need to ask questions.

My wife lays out books professionally using Adobe indesign. She also uses Photoshop, but not in an intensive way.

I know from video editing that a digital workstation has completely separate memory to display the graphics and therefore leaves the operating system memory for its intended purpose.

Is this same kind of situation needed for indesign and, if so, have there been PCs offered here that would work well?

If a separate graphics card is not needed, have there been PCs offered here that would work well?

Would it be wise to purchase a PC offered here and add a graphics card if it is needed?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and please be specific about computers that are offered here at woot as I would certainly like to buy one if the price is a huge advantage.

My guess would be that, in terms of the percentage of people who own PCs and do this, it’s lower than it used to be. I think gamers now do it more than most.

It used to be that you could build a PC for much cheaper than you could buy a similarly equipped one, but I don’t think that’s really true these days.


Did you see it? Did you see it? They lowered the price! Oh My Gosh! They lowered the price!

Hurry! Go buy t̶h̶r̶e̶e̶ one now.

Small print: If you already purchased, you will see the money fly back into your wallet soonish.

OK, I should have emphasized the last paragraph. I agree fewer average folks update the guts of PCs these days.

I do technology support on the side. ** 2 out of 3 HP slimlines I see (could be virus-laden, slow needing reload, hardware issue, etc…) need new power supplies.**

Power supplies are a common cause of desktop hardware failure, but nowhere near that rate on the PCs I see with standard-sized power supplies.

I think the route you should go for a budget computer that can do what you want, or your wife, is going AMD’s APU route. Those are CPU’s with the GPU function built in. The last generation was teh A10-5800k, a10-5700k, etc. (newer APU’s came out a few months ago…A10-6800k, etc).

They had a desktop deal a few days ago with comps that had the A10-5700K. $400 range.

Here is more about how the APU performs: